Amazon Prime Cost in Canada 2021 Review

Amazon Prime is a subscription service aimed at Canadians who want all their Amazon shopping done with ease. It offers a wide variety of features for online shoppers alongside real-time earnings. The cost of Amazon Prime in Canada is CA$79 annually, which is relatively cheap as you get to save up to CA$400 yearly in mostly shipping fees and product discounts.

Amazon Prime – An Overview

Amazon Prime is a subscription service issued by Amazon in 2005 but got to Canada in 2013. The service allows users to save while shopping with Amazon. This consequently means, shopping with Amazon prime makes the whole experience swifter and easier. 

Amazon Prime is worth every penny if you’re a frequent shopper with Amazon. Amazon Prime offers access to free two-day shipping to over 100 million customers. Although, in some areas of Canada the free access is for a day.

If you maximize your Amazon prime subscription, you can save up to CA$400 yearly on average. With Amazon prime subscription, you have access to a wide variety of offers like:

  • Faster shipping
  • Music and video streaming
  • Unlimited storage for picture
  • Exclusive sales

Note that as with all services, the Amazon prime service also has its cons. To fully maximize the benefits that it offers, you must use it extensively by shopping regularly with Amazon. Else, you might just be wasting money on a subscription you do not use.

Amazon Prime in Canada 

You will enjoy the Amazon Prime membership if you are a frequent shopper on Amazon. Also, if you want your purchases with faster doorstep delivery, you might want to consider the Amazon Prime membership.

For frequent Amazon shoppers, standard shipping rates can sum up to a significant amount. So by subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can save on repetitive shipping costs.

Bear in mind that same-day delivery in Canada is only available for Canadians living in bigger provinces like Vancouver, Calgary, Ontario, and Montreal. Other Canadian in other provinces can only enjoy one or two- day shipping at no extra fee.

For students in Canada, Amazon prime membership is highly advantageous since most of your spending is on textbooks, laptops, school supplies, and entertainment. Amazon prime student offers students free access to Amazon for 6 months, and a 50% discount than a regular subscription.

Amazon Prime Day

You are in luck if you are shopping on Prime Day. Prime members enjoy some discounts on Prime Day that can be as high as the membership fee. Access to online sales, member-exclusive discounts, and priority during product releases are part of what comes with Amazon Prime day. With your Amazon Prime membership, you can also enjoy videos, music, movies, TV shows, etc. for free. This is more than you can get from other online stores. 

Signing Up for Amazon Prime

To sign up for Amazon prime, you must have a current and valid credit card. Note that if have not been an Amazon Prime member in the last 12 months, you can sign up for a free trial. To sign up for a free trial:

  • Click on Amazon Prime Free Trial
  • Select start my free trial
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to proceed

If you are currently on the free trial, you will have access to free two-day shipping, prime music, and prime video. You will be automatically upgraded to a paid membership plan at the end of the free trial period except you cancel your subscription.

Deactivating Amazon Prime Membership

As soon as you sign up for Amazon Prime, your subscription is set to automatically renew yearly. The good news is that you can turn off the automatic renewal at any time. Follow the instruction below to turn off autorenewal, and free trial:

  • On the Amazon.ca Prime site, go to “Manage Prime Membership”
  • Review the renewal date
  • You can click on “Do Not Continue” if you are o Amazon Prime free trial
  • For residents of Quebec running on the 30 days annual or monthly membership, click on “Do Not Continue”
  • If you want to cancel your paid Amazon Prime membership, simply click on “End Membership”

Amazon Prime Cost in Canada

How much is Amazon Prime Canada? Amazon Prime Cost in Canada is the same price as the US price when converted. Currently, there are two payment plans available for you, they are:

  • CA$7.99 monthly
  • CA$79.99 yearly

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, you can try out Amazon prime by signing up for a 30-day free trial. This free trial will help you make your decision. If at the end of the free trial you feel Amazon prime is not for you, you cancel your subscription before you are charged. If it is just what you need, you can proceed with either a monthly or yearly payment.

Note that the free trial is not available for Canadians in Quebec. If you are a resident of Quebec, you can sign up for a 2-month trial membership for a discounted price of CA$7.99 instead of CA$7.99 monthly.

Although Amazon increased its annual prime membership in the US from $79 to $99 in 2014, the price increase didn’t affect Amazon prime in Canada. However, it might interest you to know the price is the same amount when the currency is converted.

Good news for Canadian students as they get a 6-month trial instead of the regular 1-month trial. And as a student, you get 50% off your monthly and annual plans. So, you have the option of choosing between CA$3.99 monthly and CA$39 yearly.

If you are not a frequent Amazon shopper, then the prime membership is not worth it as most perks are limited. If your only reason for signing up for Amazon prime Canada is for video, then you might want to rethink your decision. There are better video streaming services out there.

To be eligible for free standard shipping as a not-too-frequent shopper, you will need to make CA$35 worth of purchase during each transaction you carry out without having to spend CA$79 a year on Prime subscription.

Perks of Amazon Prime in Canada

With Amazon Prime membership comes a whole package you will enjoy. Below is a breakdown of some of the perks:

  • Swift Shipping

Ordering and getting your items shipped to you on the same day is one of the biggest flexes of the Amazon Prime membership. You will have access to same-day shipping and two-day shipping with Amazon Prime in Canada. Note that this feature is only attached to Amazon prime subscribers, it does not come with regular shipping.

  • No minimum for free shipping

Usually, you must have at least CA$25-35 worth of orders to have free delivery for your items. But with Amazon prime, you will have free shipping regardless. Even if your items cost CA$2, you will still have them delivered to your doorstep for free.

  • Prime Student Discount

Student gets a good deal up to 50% off after a 6-month free trial. As a student, it is a lot convenient to order what you want, and what better way to maximize Amazon prime than utilizing its amazing offers to students. Another good thing is once you are registered for any course in a recognized institution in Canada, you can take advantage of this.

  • Unlimited Photo

This is a big deal for people who take tons of pictures a day and their phone space is not enough. It is either you pay for cloud storage or subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime offers unlimited storage and a good interface. The good thing is even if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, your photos will still be available for 3 months giving you ample time to move them before Amazon starts to delete them.

  • Amazon Prime Music

With Amazon prime music, you have access to an unlimited stream of songs. It is a great alternative to Spotify which requires a C$9.99 subscription monthly. You will be saving CA$120 yearly by going with Amazon prime.

  • Great Lightning Deals

You get to enjoy a huge sale once a year with Amazon prime. The flex is that you can order whatever you want 30 minutes before everyone else can. This early access will help you get the best deals.

  • Amazon Prime Twitch

Amazon Prime membership gives access to unlimited video streaming. Twitch is a video streaming service that alternates Prime video. Twitch video content centers majorly on live video game streaming like e-sport. This is a great feature for gamers.

  • Amazon Prime Video

With Amazon Prime video, you can watch on 2 devices simultaneously in Ultra HD. And this is covered by the $79 annual fee. If you find the contents on Prime video are satisfactory, then the lower monthly price gives it an edge over other video streaming platforms.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

Generally, the relevancy of Amazon prime membership differs per person. Frequent online shoppers have a lot to gain especially when it comes to shipping costs.

Depending on your shopping culture, you may or may not find the Amazon prime membership worth it. It is advisable to learn more about Amazon Prime offerings and how its features fit your shopping needs. Alternatively, you can contact a customer care representative before signing up.


  • Until a few minutes ago I thought I got free movies being a prime member
    I thought I was doing something wrong until I read comments from others who thought the same. If all I get is free shipping it’s not worth it for me as I don’t have to pay delivery in most cases. Amazon doesn’t seem to have anything different than what I can buy at home. Be great if we could get products only sold in the US. I read about free movies here in Canada. please tell me what I’m paying for. Thanks
    (I also paid $10.00 for 1 can of cat food that nobody got back to me about?

    • Hi Sharon, you do get free movies with your prime account. You get that and free Two-Day Shipping, Unlimited music streaming, Unlimited reading on any device, and Unlimited photo storage. You can also buy products sold in the US but you’ll likely have to pay shipping and import fees.

  • If you live in Canada, just order with Amazon Canada

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