There’s nothing like threatening to go live with a bunch of Bill Murray pictures on a website to ‘encourage’ your clients to send you their content faster. So here’s a few generators you can use on your mockups and websites. P.S. You’ll notice the image generators allow you to embed a URL directly into an tag. That means you don’t have to upload dummy pics to your clients site and mess up their media library. Cool huh?

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How to Pay Property Tax in Canada

In Canada, property taxes are imposed by provincial and territorial governments. Property tax is the largest source of revenue for provincial governments. In most provinces, the property tax rates in residential and non-residential properties are different and mostly favor residential properties.  In some provinces, authorities are allowed to levy tax rates according to the class …

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What is the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) in Canada?

Saving has always been an integral part of our being as we plan towards achieving some great things in life. Whatever you are planning for, it is essential to put aside some money towards retirement. This is to aid your transition and ensure a comfortable retirement. There are several ways to save and plan for …

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