Uber Gift Cards

Uber Gift Cards in Canada Overview

If you want to enjoy the ease of moving from one location to another, you might probably love the Uber ride and the benefits that come with the Uber gift cards. The Uber gift cards are one of the ways the transport company connects its users to a reliable ride within a few minutes with the use of the Uber app.

As a result, the Uber gift card, which is preloaded with monetary value, can be redeemed on the Uber mobile app o and Uber eats app within Canada to enjoy reliable and comfortable transport services and access to topnotch and quality food delivery services.

Uber gift card and the voucher is a prepaid money card issued by the Uber technologies company for use on its mobile app as an alternative to cash, for payment of transport and other related services within Canada.

About Uber

Uber Technologies, or simply Uber, is an American multinational transport company founded in 2009 to provide ride-hailing services. Apart from the transport and ride-related services, the company also offers food delivery assistance on its Uber Eats online food order and delivery services with motor vehicles, electric bikes, and scooters.

With the help of Uber technology, many people have been able to move to different places with just a tap of the button on the mobile app.

Furthermore, the Uber Company is at the forefront of the self-driving future technology and urban air transport. The Uber service is visible in the areas of quick and affordable food order and deliveries, quick access to healthcare services, freight services, and effortless, pleasant travel experience.

How Uber Gift Cards Works

The Uber gift cards are applicable and redeemable on the Uber app, and Uber Eats app in Canada. The gift cards come in plastic and e-gift cards (vouchers), loaded on the user’s Uber account.

Besides, you can give your friends, family members, or associates the gift of an Uber gift card by purchasing and sending it to them. The Uber gift cards are redeemable for ride and food delivery services at any time, and any day of the year provided that Uber services are available in such location.

To avail yourself of the full functionality and benefits of the Uber gift cards, you must have an account with the transport platform accessible on the web and mobile interfaces.

The gift cards are designed to add a credit or top up your Uber account. Hence, whether you already have an account on Uber or creating a new Uber account, you can add any number of gift cards to your account.

When you purchase an Uber gift card, it comes with a redemption code, usually found on the back of the card. If it is an e-gift card, the code will be sent as a mail or an attachment in your email or the recipient of the gift card.

The Uber gift cards come in different denominations and value, and specially designed for use on the Uber app, and Uber Eats app for the payment of ride and food deliveries. This non-reloadable gift card is available in stores across Canada, either for personal use or as a gift to a friend or family.

How To Purchase Uber Gift Cards In Canada

The Uber gift cards are available for purchase in stores nationwide and in different options of value. The gift cards give you access to get a ride or meal in minutes on the Uber platform.

You can purchase the Uber gift cards online from the Uber website or the participating retail stores across Canada.

As the Uber gift cards connect you to reliable rides in minutes by adding value to your Uber account, you can also gift Uber rides to your loved ones to enable them to enjoy the complete Uber services. From low-cost to premium value cards, the Uber gift card makes payment automatic and straightforward. You can equally buy and personalize a Uber gift card with a personal gift message to the recipient, which will be delivered to the email address provided during checkout.

Where To Purchase Uber Gift Cards

You can purchase your Uber gift cards online and in stores across Canada, such as

  • Walmart Canada
  • Amazon Canada
  • PayPal, and more

Denominations of Uber gift cards

The Uber gift cards in Canada come in different values and denominations. These are:

  • CDN$25
  • CDN$50
  • CDN$100
  • CDN$200

How To Use Or Redeem Uber Gift Card

Your Uber gift card comes with the flexibility of usage; hence, it can be used any way you like.

For Uber rides, you can add it to your Uber account and enjoy timely, convenient, and reliable rides. You can also give the same benefits to your friends and family by sending them a Uber gift card.

Here is how to redeem your Uber gift card:

Ensure you have an Uber account or open one on the company’s website.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app. The v mobile app is available for download on Google Play and App Stores for Android and iOS operating systems, respectively.

  • Log in to your mobile app, and go to the payment section of the app.
  • Tap the Menu icon, and select Wallet
  • Tap Add promo/gift code
  • Select gift card
  • In the box provided, enter your Uber gift code (without spaces) for redemption.
  • Once redeemed, the value of the gift card will be added to your Uber account balance.

Although you cannot reload a Uber gift card, you can add up to $1000 value of gift cards to your Uber account and top up as many times as you want.


Can I Transfer Uber Gift Card To Another Account?

When you redeem or add a Uber gift card to a Uber account, it cannot be transferred as the value on the gift card will automatically be added to the user’s Uber account.

Do Uber Gift Cards Expire?

The gift cards do not expire. When you add the value on the card to your Uber account balance, it can be applied towards your future rides and food order deliveries.

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