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Vanilla Gift Cards Canada Review 2021

Vanilla Gift Cards are one of the most best gift cards available for Canadians to buy and pay for their transactions in a retail store and online merchants.

When it comes to buying your preferred items at a retail store, gift cards are a fantastic way of saving on time and money. Gift cards are preloaded with a specific amount of money for purchases, and they give you the freedom to use it just the same way you make use of your credit card or debit card to pay for goods and services.

Vanilla Gift Cards are a superb ways of giving your loved ones the flexible option to buy anything of their choice. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, graduation, birthday or congratulations, Vanilla Gift Cards can come in handy as a perfect gift for your friends, family, or associates.

About Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla Gift Cards are prepaid gift cards loaded with funds for purchases. Vanilla Gift Cards are available in both MasterCard and Visa Card, and can be redeemed at millions of merchant locations where Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment – either online or at any retail store.

The Vanilla Gift Card is available in both physical gift cards and virtual or eGift cards, with instant and secure usage. Vanilla Gift Cards are perfect gifts for all kinds of occasions and are available in multiple denominations and design, with preloaded funds for everyday spending.

Vanilla Gift Cards are simple prepaid gift cards with no ATM access, which you can use for purchases anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted and are available at many retail outlets.

How Vanilla Gift Cards Works

With Vanilla Gift Cards, payment for your purchases becomes easy and secure. When you use this payment card in place of your credit or debit card, your personal details are not revealed, and your credit card details are kept from overspending and cyber thieves. Vanilla Gift Cards can be delivered either by mail or email (for eGift cards).

Vanilla Gift Cards works similar to a credit card, but it is not a credit card, as Vanilla Gift Cards are issued without credit checks. Vanilla Gift Cards can be used for online and in-store purchases as the funds on the gift card do not expire.

For online purchases, your Vanilla Gift Cards can be used at any online store that accepts Visa and MasterCard payment methods for online, phone, or mail orders.

In the same way, Vanilla Gift Cards can be purchased and delivered by mail, thus when using your Vanilla Gift Cards for in-store purchases, swipe the gift card, select Credit, and sign the receipt.

How And Where To Buy Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla Gift Cards – MasterCard and Visa Cards – are available for purchase at major retail stores and online stores in Canada. Besides, there is something available for everyone, depending on your choice, as the Vanilla Gift Cards come in a wide range of denominations. Vanilla Gift Cards can be purchased in denominations ranging from $10 to $500. They include:

MasterCard: $20, $25, $50, $60, $100, and $200 denominations.

Visa Card: $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $250 and $500 denominations.

Vanilla Gift Cards are available for purchase and delivery by mail or email in the above denominations. The gift cards can be delivered to your mail address, picked up at any retail store, or delivered to your email address.

You can purchase a virtual gift card from retail stores near you at

  • Walmart
  • Circle K
  • 7 – Eleven
  • Petro Canada
  • Jean Coutu
  • Shell Canada
  • London Drugs
  • Giant Tiger
  • Cornerstone
  • Ultramer
  • Express Mart
  • Best Buy, and more

In the same way, you can buy Vanilla eGift cards, which you can use for secure online purchases. This digital type of gift card is delivered instantly and is ready for immediate usage within 24 hours. The digital/eGift card is delivered electronically to your email address or the email address of the recipient. The eGift card is a digital card that you can use online, via phone, or for mail order purchases.

Vanilla Gift Card Alternative

While Vanilla Gift Cards are great, there are other equally great, if not better, options. One of the most popular is the Amazon Gift Card. The Amazon Gift card comes in various designs and denominations ranging from as low as $10 CAD to as high as $2000 CAD.

The Amazon Gift cards are very easy to acquire and gives the recipient such a broad selection of product options that it can’t be rivaled by any other gift card.

See More Amazon Gift Card Options

How To Use Your Vanilla Gift Cards

To use your Vanilla Gift Card for purchases, simply present your gift card (MasterCard or Visa Card) at the point of check out. Every time you use the gift card for payment, the transaction cost will be charged from your gift card, and your Vanilla Gift Card balance will be reduced by the full amount of your purchase.

If the transaction cost is more than your gift card balance, you can combine your Vanilla Gift Card with another payment method, such as a credit card, debit card, or cash payment.

Therefore, it is important to know your card balance before you shop, as merchants cannot determine the balance on your gift card, neither can they help you to check the balance. Your gift card may be declined if you try to make purchases higher than your card balance.

How To Check Your Vanilla Gift Cards Balance

To avoid the embarrassing situation of your card being declined for transactions, you can check your Vanilla Gift Cards balance online at the issuer’s website for free, or by calling the customer service phone at the back of the gift card.

Vanilla Gift Card Validity And Replacement

Although your Vanilla Gift Cards do not expire, there is an expiry date attached to each Gift Card. In case of loss or expiration of your Vanilla Gift Card, simply contact the customer service of your card issuer for replacement, with a new card and a new validity date.

You will be asked to provide the card number and other required details for identification. It will be impossible for the customer service to provide you with a replacement gift card if you are unable to provide your Vanilla gift card number. Hence, it is crucial to have this gift card number saved somewhere secure.

How To Redeem Your Vanilla Gift Cards

Phone And Mail Order

Vanilla Gift Cards are redeemable towards purchases in any store, or with any telephone, online, or mail-order merchants that accept Visa Card or MasterCard. To use your Vanilla Gift Card online or by phone, your gift card must be registered at the website address mentioned in the document or information that accompanied the card in your email at delivery.

To complete your purchases, simply enter your Vanilla Gift Card details in the payment methods field. Your personal information is not attached to your Vanilla gift card. Therefore, you can conveniently use your mailing address when shopping online. This is done to ensure that the merchant can contact you if there is any problem with the order.


For in-store purchases, simply swipe your Vanilla Gift Card at the point of payment, and sign the receipt. If your Vanilla Gift Card balance cannot cover the total cost of the transaction, it adVisable to inform the cashier of how much should be deducted from your gift card to ensure that the transaction is not declined. You can use another payment method to combine with your Vanilla Gift Card, such as a cash payment, debit card, or credit card.

Preauthorization Charges

There are situations when your Vanilla Gift Card may be charged beyond what you have signed on the receipt. Some merchants, including hotels, car rental companies, restaurants, and more, may preauthorize the transaction amount by up to 20 percent beyond the purchase amount. This is done to ensure that there are sufficient funds on your card to cover the full expenses of the transaction, as well as any tips or added expenses.

This can lead to your gift card being declined, especially if the balance on your Vanilla Gift Card will not cover the preauthorized amount, and the transaction cost.

Returns And Disputes

When making purchases, disputes may arise as a result of payment made with your Vanilla Gift Card (MasterCard or Visa Card). If there is any dispute from your purchases, you should settle with the merchant from whom the purchase(s) was made. Also, you should check if there is a return policy that applies to the purchases made with your Vanilla Gift Card, and if there is, ask for the return.

Credits will be applied to your gift card balance by the merchant if you are entitled to a refund for any reason for goods and services procured with the gift card.


Can I Use The Vanilla eGift Cards For In-Store Purchases?

No. Your Vanilla Gift Card is for online, phone, and mail order transactions only.

Does The Vanilla Gift Cards Expire?

Yes, there is a validity period attached to every Vanilla Gift Card from the date of purchase. This expiry date is listed on your account for reference.

Does Vanilla Gift Cards Funds Expire?

Vanilla Gift Card funds do not expire. If your gift card is stolen, lost, or expired with funds remaining on the card, you can request for a card replacement, by providing the customer service with details of your gift card.

Final Thought

Vanilla Gift Card is a superb way to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones by giving them the power to use the card anyhow, anywhere, and on anything they want. Besides, it can also be used for personal shopping while saving money on some great deals.


  • Hi. You mention that Vanilla cards can be bought in a $500 denomination, but the Visa / MasterCard denominations you list top out at$250. Was that a typo, or is there somewhere that you can buy $500 Vanilla cards.

    I found your guide while trying to answer this question, because although “Perfect Gift” has a $500 card, it is a far inferior gift.

    “Perfect Gift” starts to claw back the balance, $3/month, from the gift recipient after a year (which I find repugnant), and which means the recipient can’t just put it in their wallet ant save it for emergencies; they’re forced to spend the balance or lose it.

    Vanilla, on the other hand, charges you one fee, up front, and then your money belongs to the person you INTENDED to give it to.

    I’m still hoping to find Vanilla in a $500 denomination, although I’ll buy two $250-Vanillas before I’ll ever buy another $500-“The Perfect Gift.”

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