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Visa Gift Card Canada Review

One of the foremost credit card and gift cards to make purchases online in Canada is the Visa Gift Card. The Visa Gift Card can be used to make purchases on a wide number of online retail stores and other goods and services outlets that accept Visa payment.

The convenience and secured nature of the Visa Gift Card has made it an easy way to give your loved ones a present, which they can redeem towards anything they like, and at any time.

With the Visa Gift Card, you can gain access to a wide variety of amazing deals and offers such as shopping, food, wine, sports, entertainment, clothing, and other favourite items. Several retail outlets, financial institutions, and merchants partner Visa payment processor to issue their branded Visa Gift Cards.

About Visa Gift Cards

Visa provides retail stores, merchants, and financial institutions with visa branded gift cards and other payment products, which the institutions and stores can offer to their customers as gift cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, or debit cards.

The Visa Gift Card is a prepaid gift card designed for use anywhere Visa cards are accepted electronically to purchase goods and services.  Invariably, Visa gift cards can be used for payments online, by phone, and in person. However, it cannot be used at ATMs or for gambling.

The Visa Gift Card is a non-reloadable prepaid card with a certain amount of value on each card, as set by the buyer of the card. Visa Gift Card is widely accepted at all locations and stores, where Visa Cards are accepted for payment within Canada. The funds on the gift cards can be used for multiple purchases, as long as funds or value remain on the card.

How Visa Gift Card Works In Canada

As a non-reloadable prepaid card, your Visa Gift Card comes with an initial value, which is set by the person that purchased the card, either for personal use or as a present to someone. Hence, once the funds on the card are exhausted, you cannot reload or add funds to the gift card balance. Your Visa Gift Card can be used as many times as you like, depending on the amount or the value on the card, as each of your purchase will automatically be deducted from the available balance on the gift card.

Your Visa Gift Card just like a debit or credit card comes with a unique set of numbers and expiry dates. However, the gift card does not have the complete functionality of the credit or debit cards, as the Visa Gift Card does not come with a PIN or ATM operation.

The Visa Gift Card carries the logo of the processor, Visa. When you buy an item and ready to make a payment, simply hand over your Visa Gift Card to the cashier and sign the purchase receipt. Automatically, the bill for your purchases will be deducted from your gift card balance. Hence, it is important to keep a tab of your Visa Gift Card balance.

There are some Visa Gift Cards that can be redeemed at merchant locations that use manual imprint machines, while there are other types of Visa Gift Card that can only be used electronically; that is, swiped through an electronic terminal at a retail store to make payments.

How To Activate Your Visa Gift Card

After purchasing a Visa Gift Card, it might be necessary and important to activate your card. Most Visa Gift Cards are activated the moment you purchase them and can be used immediately for payment of your purchases.

There are some Visa Gift Cards that are not activated upon purchase, and thus require you to activate them by following some simple instructions. This set of instructions and a toll-free phone number are embedded in a sticker or documents that come with your gift card.

The process of activating your Visa Gift Card is determined by the provider of the card. Follow the card activation guideline that comes with your Visa Gift Card, and ensure that you sign your card at the designated area on the back of the card, before making use of the card to make your first purchases.

How To Get A Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Card is an amazing choice of presents suitable for all kinds of occasions, like wedding, holiday, birthday, graduation, anniversary, and more. Irrespective of the age of the recipient, Visa Gift Card is an ideal choice of gift that offers your loved ones the ability to spend it on whatever and wherever they want.

As a payment processor, Visa issues credit cards, and consequently, gift cards for several financial institutions, merchants and retail stores. You can get Visa Gift Card from:

  • Vancity Gift Card
  • Blackhawk Network Gift Card
  • Canada Post Gift Card
  • Vanilla Prepaid Gift Cards
  • TD Bank Gift Card

Visa Gift Card is sold and available at major retail outlets – online and in-store – like Walmart, Amazon, and other gift card stores, such as grocery stores, drug stores, and other retail stores.

How To Use Your Visa Gift Card

Your Visa Gift Card comes with an expiry date (month and year), which is printed boldly on the front of the card. At its expiration, the Visa Gift Card will be closed. It is therefore advisable to take note of the validity date and use your gift card before it expires. Each Visa Gift Card comes with a value, and the amount on the card is determined by the person that purchased it.

Your Visa Gift Card can be used at all locations that Visa cards are accepted, either online or in person. Unlike retail gift cards, your Visa Gift Card is not limited to any merchant or retail store for its usage.

If the balance on the gift card cannot cover the bill of your purchases or transaction, it is important to let the cashier know how much funds remain in your balance, and how much you want the merchant to deduct from your Visa Gift Card. Thus, the transaction can be split to allow you to pay part of the items with your gift card, and balance the remaining with another payment method such as a credit card, debit card or cash payment.

Visa Gift Card Loss And Replacement

There are situations where your Visa Gift Card might get lost, stolen, or expired, with your funds in it. There is no problem as your Visa Gift Card can be replaced. The Visa Gift Card has some protection and security features to help you recover the loss.

Therefore, in case of loss or theft of your Visa Gift Card, report it to the card issuer by calling the toll free phone number listed on the back of the gift card or the card documents.

You may be required to know your Visa Gift Card number; hence, it is crucial to have this number saved somewhere. Either in your diary or any secured document online or offline.

In addition, it is important to sign the back of your Visa Gift Card to avoid unauthorized usage. When using the card for payments, you will be required to sign a purchase receipt. Also, some Visa Gift Card providers may require you to register online. Additional information may also be required to finalize the card replacement process.

Sequel to this, a replacement Visa Gift Card will be issued and mailed to you, with the remaining balance as at the time of its loss, theft or expiration.

How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

Each Visa Gift Card comes with a specific value. The initial value of your gift card can be found in the documents that came with the card. This document may contain other materials like the terms of card usage, the validity period, and more.  At the back of your Visa Gift Card, most issuers provide a toll-free phone number, website, and other instructions. Therefore you can check your Visa Gift Card balance online or by phone at any time of your choice.

When making purchases with your gift card, it is important to know the balance on the gift card to avoid your transactions being denied. This happens when the value of the transaction exceeds the card balance. Alternatively, you can record each of your purchases in a safe place and make note of your new card balance.

Final Thought

Except otherwise stated. Most Visa Gift Cards are meant to be used in Canada, everywhere Visa is accepted for payment. Visa Gift Card is an amazing way of giving out presents to your friends, family, or associates, by giving them the power to use the card however they want, to purchase whatever item they need, and at any time or anywhere.

However, you should consider the purchase fees that come with the Visa Gift Card, and the terms and conditions, to make an informed decision when picking your next Visa Gift Card.

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