10 Turbotax Alternatives for Tax Filing



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Filing your taxes can be difficult under normal conditions and that’s why people turn to software like Turbotax and other alternatives. However, it’s even more of a challenge with the economic crisis that’s made many businesses close shop, making it an uphill climb to file your tax returns correctly.

Sure, it’s possible to hire a tax preparer to assist you, but that costs money too. The good news is that there’s a glut of tax filing software that makes the process of filing your tax returns convenient and affordable.

Turbotax is one of the most popular tax software – the software provider has many options that simplify your tax filing situation. It ranks as one of the best tax filing solutions with 24/7 live support, and even support on-demand via video chat.

It is a comprehensive tax filing solution that ticks all the boxes. The downside to Turbotax is you’d more likely pay more for the software than any other. Below are 10 Turbotax alternatives that are good enough to do the job.

1. H&R Block

Although not as responsive as TurboTax, H&R Block is a household name in the tax filing industry. The software has decent features, and you can get unlimited technical support as a premium customer.

H&R Block comes with built-in tools that help you untangle the complicated web of their tax filing situation.

The software has a plethora of quality resources that gives users a step-by-step explanation of what to do. H&R Block allows tax filers to import their previous year’s returns, and for a small fee, a certified tax professional can review their returns before submission.

2. ProSeries

ProSeries is, as the name implies, for pros who are sticklers for efficiency. The software is exclusively for desktop and is particularly of benefit for corporate clients.

The software makes filing returns a cakewalk, helps you manage your tax submissions while tracking the progress of the returns you filed. You should note that the returns are submitted online, which makes it more convenient to view, manage, and file these returns.

A vital feature of this software is the embedded worksheet that assists users to plan events, keep track of missing data in a returns file as well as the status reports. You can also talk to clients in real-time.

3. Drake Software

Another software for corporate clients. Drake Tax software is well-known in the tax-filing industry. It is a suite of professional tax-filing tools that provide businesses the opportunity to file their returns quickly, allowing them to focus on income growth.

Quick filing is possible because of the e-filing feature of this software. Drake software can sniff out errors on your returns to ensure your passes all the relevant checks.

4. Lacerte

Another tax software from the stables of Intuit, Lacerte is an efficient tool that is right at home with the tax and accounting firms that make up the majority of the users of this software. You can file returns almost instantaneously with little to no downtime.

It is one of the tools of choice for accounting experts and tax professionals.

5. Jackson Hewitt Online

In addition to the simplicity of its interface and comprehensive how-to articles, Jackson Hewitt Online is a tax software with one of the best refunds insurance. It has built-in calculators that help you simplify your returns.

If you’re a filer who enjoys filing online, you should look nowhere else. This software can import your returns from competitors, provides live tech support, and auto-filled returns. What’s not to love?

6. TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer is a tax software that’s convenient and comprehensive, making it the go-to software for individuals who prefer to file their taxes themselves. It has all the required forms as well as in-built calculators to make light work of your tax returns.

The paid version of this software is top-notch, even though the free version is pretty decent. Users on the free app can still get access to educative material, including support via email and telephone.

Premium users get to seek a second opinion from tax professionals who review the returns before submitting them.

7. Credit Karma Tax

The standout talking point of the Credit Karma Tax software is that it is free. Interestingly, the developers claim to pack more features into their app than the free version of Turbotax.

The software has features for filing mortgage interests, student loans, and property tax. You’ll also find audit defence, where users can receive consultation services from professionals who can help with your tax debt resolutions.

The downside is the inability to import your financial data from a competitor. Nonetheless, it is still worth your while for a free app.

8. TaxAct

TaxAct software has multiple paid tiers that allow its users to receive guidance from a tax specialist. It provides this feature as an add-on similar to Turbotax.

Depending on the level you pay for, you can receive unlimited one-on-one call sessions, screen share features, or in-app chat and tech support. The software is simple to navigate, and it has an extensive database that helps improve your knowledge of tax law and procedure.

Incredibly, TaxAct has a C$100,000 Accuracy Guarantee that allows users to be indemnified up to C$100,000 for any error that will enable them to pay penalty fees. It is the ideal software for clients with a high income where mistakes might prove costly.

9. ATX

ATX gives its users access to approximately 7,000 tax compliance forms. It is heavily patronized by corporate organizations with a large volume of tax returns and so little time. It has a user-friendly dashboard that’s easy to navigate and allows for multitasking. Tax preparation support is readily provided to users who need help to file their returns.

10. UltraTax CS

If you need a software that has financial solutions beyond tax filing, consider UltraTax CS. It provides answers to critical issues on intellectual property, media, accounting as well as tax.

The software comes with four separate monitors that display the Input, Diagnostics, Forms, and Last Year Inputs, all working in sync with each other. Users have the option of saving their data via local storage or on the cloud.


We are now at the end of the top ten alternatives to Turbotax. It is good advice to tread with care when choosing your tax software because errors can prove costly. Pick a tax software that is affordable and efficient with the ability to simplify called procedures.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.