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30 Websites to Get Remote Jobs in Canada

Many Canadians are unaware of the potential income that they can generate through work from home jobs. Most people focus their attention on getting jobs that will keep them in the four walls of an office.

However, there is an abundance of legitimate work from home jobs in Canada, and tons of them are online, where a lot of people can earn fulltime income or just passive income.

Work from home jobs, also called, remote jobs, or home-based jobs, is a work arrangement where the employees execute their tasks from home or any location, with flexible working conditions.

Some work-from-home jobs require you to work for someone or organization, while some will propel you to start your own business. This could include selling on amazon, answering surveys, freelancing, and a host of other lucrative career paths and business ideas.

Websites to get work from home jobs in Canada

Below are some websites to find remote jobs in Canada:

  1. Kelly Services

This company specializes in accounting and finance, automotive, engineering, call centers, information technology, and other diverse industries. The company provides work from home jobs like language interpreters, business analysts, permit writers, specialists, and other related positions in Canada.

  1. DotDash

This is a company that recruits writers, editors, and researchers with vast knowledge in topical areas like technology, travel, finance, health, beauty, lifestyle, news, weddings, and others to work from home.

  1. ttech

This is a business outsourcing company based in Colorado. The company provides work from home jobs for consultants, customer service professionals, students, and veterans, with more than 20000 remote employees around the world. Employment positions for home-based jobs are open for Canadians in this company.

  1. Alorica

This is an outsourcing company that offers work from home customer service jobs in Ontario and Quebec. The company provides customer experience management, financial solutions, healthcare customer solutions, analytics, and digital solutions across different sectors.

  1. Clickworker

This is a global outsourcing company that recruits independent contractors for data entry job, writing, transcription, research, and other related jobs. To work or earn here, you must register as a click-worker and complete short assessments. This company pays on a weekly or monthly basis via SEPA or PayPal.

  1. Aim4A

Do you like imparting knowledge? Aim academics hires freelance online tutors with teaching experience and passion for teaching in subject areas like math, English, science, ACT, SAT, and TOEFL in elementary or advanced levels. You will need a PC, a Skype account, and a letter of intent.

  1. Art and Logic

This is a software development company for work from home job seekers in the USA and Canada. Their area of expertise is in web design, coding, software development, and graphic design.

  1. Advanis

This is a market and policy research company with a focus on survey design and implementation, projects and data collecting management, and reporting. The company provides work from home jobs as call center agents, computer programming analyst, project managers, market and research analysts, and other job areas. Fluency in French or Spanish is an added advantage here. The company offers full-paid training and a set wage.

  1. ADP

Automatic data processing – this is an outsourcing company that provides work from home jobs in information technology, sales, management, consulting, and other specializations.

  1. Accutranglobal

This is a company that hires work from home workers as independent freelance contractors. The company provides transcription services to clients around the world from its base in BC Canada, and thus hire transcriptionists, reviewers, proofreaders, editors, transcribers, and voice writers.

  1. Fonemed

From its name, the company offers medical triage and telemedicine solutions. The company hires registered nurses (RN) and medical professionals to work remotely. This includes positions like nurse counselors, virtual nurse practitioners, and others.

  1. Lionbridge

This company hires workers as testers, curators, translators, interpreters, Ad assessors, analysts, and other areas in Canada. Candidates are often required to be bilingual. Rates are task-based and hourly-based, depending on the project.

  1. Globalink

Globalink Translation Ltd is a company that assists clients with their translation and cultural adaptation needs. The company recruits professional translators and translation reviewers who are to work from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Salesforce

This software and customer management company recruit remote workers as consultants, project managers, analysts, IT, and management divisions.

  1. Nice in Contact

This is a software development company that develops software for clients (companies) that use home call center representatives. This company recruits work from home agents in software development, transcription, specialists, sales, and technical support.

  1. Quicktate

Qicktate and iDictate is a company that provides transcription, audit, evaluation, and analysis of audio recording and phone conversations. The company hires work from home contractors, typists, and professional transcriptionists.

  1. Intuit

This company accommodates work from home tax experts and advisors, researchers, content developers, and other support areas in Canada.

  1. Speak Write

This company provides dictation transcription services to clients. Work from home jobs is provided in the areas of business, language, and industry-related transcriptions.

  1. Language Line

This company provides access to language solutions, and thus, hires talented professionals like language interpreters, product managers, and other areas. Canadians are offered work from home along with other remote employees from the US, UK, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.

  1. Appen

This is a technological service company. The company offers work from home jobs in translation, transcription, sales, linguistics, and other positions. These jobs can be completed with flexible working conditions and time.

  1. NCR

This company is in the banking and finance industry and has a team of work from home agents in Canada and the US, servicing clients’ needs. Some of the work-from-home jobs are resolution specialists, business intelligence analysts, presentation designers, consultants, software engineers, and android developers.

  1. Amazon

This Seattle-based online retail company provides work from home positions in sales, IT support, customer service, business development, and other services. The company hires remote workers in Ontario, Vancouver, and victoria.

  1. Working Solutions

This company provides home-based customer service and sales agents for retail, finance, healthcare, travel, energy, telecommunications, etc. from across the US and Canada. The company remote team service clients globally.

  1. Covance

This company hires clinical research associates, data specialists, statistical programmers, clinical project managers, and others. The company is a biopharmaceutical research and development firm and hires work from home staff from the US and Canada.

  1. American Express

This company offers work from home jobs for travel counselors, data science analysts, consultants, customer care, design, finance, operations, technology, and other virtual career opportunities.

  1. Concentrix

This company offers work from home jobs in the USA and Canada as virtual call center agents, sales and service representatives. Virtual employees are fully trained to provide sales, services and technical support to the company’s clients.

  1. Apple

Apple at home advisors seeks friendly, thoughtful, and real remote agents to attend to customers’ needs and questions. The company will train and pay you while learning to become their at-home advisor, team manager, area manager, etc.

  1. Transcom

This company hires work at home employees in Canada as its customer service and technical support representatives. Payment is hourly-based, and employees receive their payment every two weeks.

This company hires work from home staff from Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. All employees will undergo virtual training and will be paid based on the training hours.

  1. Sykes

This is a company of helpers providing services in digital marketing, customer services, and technical support to different brands. The company employs work from home agents in the US and Canada to serve its clients across the globe. Remote agents are paid on an hourly rate.

  1. Brain Mass

This company hires online tutors in different subjects. The teaching assistant is expected to be a graduate expert (masters or Ph.D.). The academic experts are hired to provide rich content and provide solutions to questions asked on the platform based on their subject areas. Payment is made on the 15th day of the month when it has reached CAD 75 or more.


These are just some of the top websites that you can get remote jobs in Canada. If you are dreaming of working from home, start your search based on your skills and experience.

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