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How to Get Free Boxes For Shipping or Moving in Canada

Suppliers, sellers, and shippers must put their products somewhere safe to avoid damages once they reach their respective destinations. For people shipping products worldwide (or simply moving), it can be a hassle to buy shipping boxes.

Several helpful options are available for them to choose from, but most of them can be expensive because of their size. Shipping supplies can also take a hefty chunk out of the operating expenses for businesses.

Fortunately, there are some ways where people can get shipping boxes in Canada for free. This solves the problem for most people since aside from those with businesses, people who send parcels to their friends and family also need shipping boxes to secure their gifts or items. Some options are already familiar, while some are not, but it is definitely worth a try.

How to Get Free Shipping Boxes

Here are some of the known ways on how to get shipping boxes for free in Canada.

Through local and international couriers

Most local and international couriers provide free shipping supplies to their customers, including shipping boxes, labels, and pouches. For example, UPS offers free shipping boxes to its customers logged into their website. They also ship it for a small cost or for free.

Those who avail themselves online can expect their supplies to reach them within a few business days. They can also track the shipment of their shipping supplies on their website. UPS also allows its online users to save their frequently used shipping supplies to save time.

As for FedEx, they also allow free FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipping supplies. Customers can go to any FedEx location, and they can also order online. For online orders, it is usually delivered in 2-5 working days. DHL also offers free shipping supplies, including shipping boxes, free of charge through their DHL Free Shipping Supplies page.

Through online selling companies

Sellers usually get free shipping supplies from eBay or Poshmark, including boxes. However, since there are many sellers on the platform, they typically limit the number of packages each seller gets. As a result, sellers cannot use the free shipping supplies to their other clients, especially if they have multiple store accounts online.

Through local businesses

Surprisingly, shipping boxes can also be found in the surrounding businesses in the area or neighborhood. Dollar stores would also be delighted to get rid of their huge shipping boxes for people who really need them.

Individuals can go to the nearby convenience store or dollar store and ask if they have extra shipping boxes meant to be disposed of. Usually, the shipping boxes are just folded, and it is up to the individual to assemble independently.

Through thrifting groups

People can also find free shipping supplies on thrifting groups found on social media and online. For example, Facebook and Reddit have groups of sellers who are very happy to give free shipping supplies to those who need them.

In addition, Reddit users also refer other people who need free shipping supplies to their trusted acquaintances. This helps other people save money on shipping supplies, especially boxes. Typically, these can be very expensive depending on where the sender is and how hard it can reach its destination.

Through local packaging companies

Some people can go to their nearest local packaging companies and ask for free shipping boxes. Usually, they would give free boxes if many boxes were lying around, waiting to be disposed of.

This is an excellent way of getting free shipping supplies because they can get free supplies. Still, they also help save the environment by minimizing their garbage load.

Dumpster diving

This one is not for the faint of heart, but this suggestion can also give people more options to choose from. Some Reddit users have suggested going to the garbage trash area of supermarkets and drugstores.

Unfortunately, most of them dump everything in the dumpster, and some have not crushed the boxes yet. Ensure to sanitize and clean everything upon reaching home to prevent getting germs and viruses from the boxes.

There are a lot of options available to get shipping supplies for free in Canada. We just have to be open to the options available, and we can always explore other safe and unconventional options, too.

Always observe proper safety and sanitation protocols to ensure that no diseases, viruses, or germs would be transmitted from one person to another. Cleanliness and safety are essential, especially in the face of the global pandemic.

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