Brampton Car Insurance Prices 2022



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As one of the largest cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Brampton has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada with an increasing number of people and vehicles.By implication, Brampton car insurance is one of the most expensive in Canada.

Over the years, the auto insurance rate in Brampton has been on the increase, and car insurance rates are projected to have an astronomical rise in Ontario.

However, depending on some factors such as the type of vehicle insured, the driving experience of the driver, among others, the auto insurance rate may differ from one insurance company from another. Hence living in Brampton does not necessarily mean paying high insurance rates.

About Brampton

Brampton is a suburban city in Ontario’s GTA. The city, known as the ‘Flower City,’ is famous for its local arts and floral gardens. Brampton is the third-largest city in the GTA with a rapid population growth, which has led to the construction of new roadways to cater to the need of new commuters that plight the beautiful city every day.

As one of the busier and populated cities in the Ontario province, the city is famous for its amount of traffic and road accidents. This is why car insurance is an essential factor in Brampton and for Brampton drivers.

About Brampton Car Insurance

Brampton is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Hence, drivers in this city have to cope with the congested streets and traffic issues. As one of the most expensive cities in Canada in terms of auto insurance in Canada, a lot of Bramptonians are always on the lookout for cheap insurance rates.

On a daily basis in Brampton, there can be a large number of drivers on the roads and highways. This is one of the reasons for the high number of traffic and accidents on the roads, especially around the 407 and 410 Highways, Queen St, Steeles Ave, and more. This factor is also one of the reasons for the high cost of insurance premiums in the city. The ever-busy roads, endless constructions, and high traffic intersections give room for fatalities and collision claims.

Brampton is noted to have one of the highest numbers of collision claims. As a result, Brampton has become the city with the highest insurance premiums in Ontario.

How Brampton Car Insurance Works

As a result of the high insurance premiums paid by Brampton drivers every year, a lot of people are in search of very good and cheap car insurance. Brampton car insurance varies in prices, from hundreds to thousands of Canadian dollars. The reason for this is that the different car insurance providers charge different rates, even on the same vehicle and driver.

Hence, the aim is to get a car insurance company that offers the best and lowest rates. Thus, a lot of people try to get the best Brampton car insurance quotes and compare auto insurance premium rates from some of the most trusted and reliable insurance companies in Canada.

Brampton drivers pay the highest rate in car insurance in Canada, even more than the provincial average. Hence, there is a need to search for the best car insurance quotes to ensure that they are getting the best value for the best price available. Like other Canadian cities, Brampton car insurance is provided by private insurance companies under different categories or coverage.

Brampton Car Insurance Coverage Types

Private Insurance

These are car insurance policies designed by private insurance companies and sold to Brampton drivers. The insurance companies or agencies must follow the policies and regulations of the federal and provincial governments.

Third-Party Liability Insurance

In this type of coverage, if you injure or cause the death or damage the property of someone while driving, payment will be made to the person on your behalf by the insurance company. This insurance coverage is mandatory in Canada.

Direct Compensation Property Damage

This type of car insurance coverage covers the damage to your vehicle and its content if you are not at fault for the damage.

Accident Benefit

In this type of auto coverage, regardless of whether you are at fault or not, in any accident or crash, your medical and other expenses such as recovery and rehab are covered.

Uninsured Automobile

If an uninsured driver is at fault in a collision, you are protected against injuries that you and your family members might sustain in a crash, including medical costs and vehicle damage.

Comprehensive Coverage

This protects against all forms of non-collision losses or destructions such as theft, vandalism, environmental damage, and more.

Collision Coverage

This covers the damages on your vehicle caused by a collision with another car or an object.

All Perils

This involves a wide coverage area by combining collision and comprehensive insurance coverage, with a theft protection package. Hence, you are protected if your car is stolen by an employee, a family member, someone who services your vehicle, and more.

Factors That Determine Brampton Car Insurance Rates

Brampton drivers know how expensive it can be to get car insurance in the ever-growing city. A lot of factors go into calculating how much auto insurance premiums should be paid by Brampton residents. Among others, these are some of the factors that determine the car insurance rates:

Vehicle Type

One factor that determines your insurance cost is the make, model, engine size, and year of make. Insurance companies use vehicle safety ratings, repair costs, replacement costs, and theft, or security risks to determine the car insurance premium.

Area of Residence

Those who live in densely populated areas pay more than others due to increased risk of theft, accident, and vandalism, which leads to an increased amount of claims. The more populated an area, the more cars and drivers on the road and the more chance of being in a collision.

Driver’s Driving History

Insurance companies look into the driving record of potential clients to determine their insurance premiums. This includes speeding tickets, accident records, year of the license, charges, and driving convictions, and more.

The Type of Insurance Coverage

The type of coverage and add-ons that are chosen by a driver might determine how expensive the premium will be. Although some coverage types are mandatory, the additional benefits could help to save money on repairs from any collision.

Driving Activity

Another factor that determines car insurance premiums is the length of your daily commute. As a result of being part of the GTA, Brampton drivers commute or drive long distances and thus pay more in auto insurance.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Brampton

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada and reports, the city of Brampton still maintains the top spot for car insurance premiums in the GTA and the entire Ontario province. Brampton has an average car insurance premium of $2,494, which is about 72 percent higher than the provincial average of $1,445 annual cost of 2019. By implication, Brampton drivers pay an average monthly premium of $208 per month. This figure is projected to increase. According to the financial services commission of Ontario, there is a projection of an average of 1.56% increase in car insurance for 2020.

However, the cost of car insurance varies between insurance companies and individuals, based on some factors like gender, age, driving experience, and more. Hence, there is a need to shop around to get the best and affordable car insurance policy and rates.

How to Get Lower Car Insurance Rate in Brampton

Shop and Compare

Get quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare the rates to get the best cheap value for you and your car.

Bundle Your Policy

When you use the same insurance company for your car insurance and home or property insurance, it can earn you up to a 15% discount on your premium.

Pay Annually

When you pay your premium annually rather than in bits, you can avoid paying some administrative charges that come with monthly premium payments.

Usage-Based Car Insurance

There are telematics devices that you can install. Getting good driving results from these apps can earn you discounts of up to 20% to 25%.

Increase Your Deductibles

When you increase your deductibles with your insurance company, it could save you more money in the form of discounts.

Single Policy

You could save up to 20 percent discount when you insure all your household or office cars under the same car policy.

Install Winter Tires

We all know how driving looks during winter. Hence, when your insurance company knows you install winter tires in its season, it could send a signal that you value your safety and save you up to 5 percent in discount.


Brampton car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive for you, as there are measures that you can take to get the cheapest and best rates available in Canada. The factors outlined in this review will also help you to understand why car insurance premium in Brampton is higher than some other regions in the province.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.