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The Canadian labor market is a highly competitive one with tons of jobs to choose from, depending on your qualifications and skillset. Generally, these jobs vary per requirements, description, industry, and pay. Canada has a wide range of jobs that pay well. Most of these jobs are in healthcare, IT, finance, construction, education, etc.

Sectors such as the construction, mining, oil, and gas industry offer one of the best-paying wages in Canada. However, getting most of these jobs requires degrees or a license, while some require both. To this end, we have put together a list of 30 jobs that pay well in Canada, the qualifications/requirements needed, and the average annual pay for each job.

Jobs That Pay Well in Canada

Below is a list of 30 jobs that pay well in Canada.

1. Radiologist

As a radiologist, you will work with radioactive technology like X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs to diagnose diseases and create treatment plans. You will need to have a degree in Radiology, another medical degree, followed by residency, then an internship before you can obtain your license to work.

Becoming a radiologist takes time, although the pay makes it all worth it. Radiologists in Canada earn between CA$180,000 – CA$300,000 annually.

2. Oncologist

Working as an oncologist will put you on the list of highest-paid professionals in Canada. As an oncologist, you will specialize as a doctor in cancer and cancer-related issues.

You will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree, then get admitted into a medical college by taking the test. Afterwards, attend medical school, complete residency, and get your license and certification If you have a sub-specialty. For example, in Canada, oncologists earn between CA$225,000 – CA$400,000 per annum.

3. ER doctor

As an ER (Emergency Room) doctor, you will be on your feet for most of the day and at night too, but the pay makes up for the stress and sleepless nights. The process of becoming an emergency doctor is the same as that of becoming an oncologist. The average annual pay in Canada is between CA$250,000 – CA$400,000.

4. Ophthalmologist

As an ophthalmologist, your job description includes the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and infections. It is a high-paying job that requires you to obtain a license before you can start to practice.

On a yearly average, ophthalmologists in Canada earn as much as CA$160,000. Alternatively, you can have your private clinical practice and earn as much as CA$350,000 yearly.

5. Professor of Medicine

A professor in medicine is one of the most straightforward jobs when it comes to the healthcare sector. Although becoming a professor of medicine is tedious and daunting, you are training aspiring doctors, and it is just as lucrative. Professors of Medicine earn up to CA$180,000 yearly in Canada.

6. Plastic Surgeon

Becoming a Plastic surgeon is undoubtedly not as easy as it seems. It requires as much effort as other fields in medicine take. To start operating as a plastic surgeon in Canada, you need to be fully qualified. You must possess a medical degree, complete a 5-year residency, and you may even go on to take extra training to improve your knowledge.

This can take up to 12 years or more depending on the certifications you are getting; however, the pay is worth it. Plastic surgeons earn between CA$180,000 – CA$300,000 per year in Canada.

7. Nurse Practitioner

Your job as a nurse practitioner involves assessing patients as well as diagnosing and treating them. To become one, you need at least a master’s degree in Nursing, and you may need to be part of a professional body depending on the province you decided to work in. On an annual average, nurse practitioners in Canada earn about CA$104,000.

8. Physician

Physicians are general practitioners. You will need a medical degree and certification from either the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), as well as a mandatory registration with the medical regulatory body in your desired province or territory. Physicians in Canada averagely earn CA$150,000 per year.

9. Dentist

We’ve all at one time had dentist appointments, and yes, they make quite a lot from taking care of your teeth. To become a dentist, you need a degree from a recognized dental program. Also, you need to register with a medical regulatory body in your province or territory in Canada. Dentists in Canada earn about CA$95,000 on an annual average.

10. Utility Manager

As a utility manager, you can work in both the private or public sectors. You will be responsible for distribution systems of resources like water, gas, etc. As a utility manager, you may require a degree in an Engineering program and work your way up to the post. In Canada, the average pay per year is CA$114,000.

 11. Mining Supervisor

As a mining supervisor, you will work as a professional that oversees the extraction of natural resources like coal, iron ore, etc. It requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience.

It doesn’t necessarily require formal education, but some companies may demand it. You may also need to register with a professional body. Mining supervisors in Canada averagely earn about CA$85,000 per year.

 12. Statistician

As a statistician, you will work with a considerable amount of data, and it is your job to analyze and interpret the data. Therefore, you must possess a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, or other similar fields.

You also need certifications if you want to specialize in areas under statistics. The annual average in Canada is $90,000.

 13. Engineer

Engineering jobs are needed in almost every sector, and as an engineer in Canada, you can make a considerable sum of money yearly. There are different fields to choose from, but the process is quite long.

You must possess a bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related courses as well as experience before you can be registered to work in your province or territory. As an engineer in Canada, you can earn CA$110,000 on average yearly.

 14. Construction Manager

This role involves supervising construction projects and requires knowledge of budgeting as well as plenty of experience. You will most likely need a degree in Civil Engineering or other relevant programs, but the experience is the most required. Averagely, you can earn about CA$85,000 as a construction manager in Canada annually.

 15. Healthcare Manager

A healthcare manager’s job involves supervising and managing other medical professionals and delivering services in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers.

Don’t be surprised that you will need the same level of training as the medical professionals you will be supervising. You can make about CA$100,000 or more as a healthcare manager in Canada per year.

 16. Human Resources Manager

As a human resource manager, Your job involves:

  • Recruiting the right person(s) for positions in organizations
  • Negotiating salaries.
  • Overseeing the general welfare of workers in an establishment

You must possess a bachelor’s degree in a related field like Business Administration, Industrial Relations, or Human Resources Management. If you don’t have a degree, you can opt for a professional course. You also require years of experience to qualify for this job. The average annual pay for a human resource manager in Canada is CA$95,000.

 17. Oil and Gas Drilling Supervisor

This is one of the jobs that does not necessarily require a university or college degree. Your job includes supervising and managing workers drilling for oil and gas.

However, part of the requirement is a high school diploma, some training, and several years of field experience to qualify. In Canada, the average annual pay for this role is CA$90,000.

 18. Elevator Mechanic

As an elevator mechanic, you are responsible for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of elevators. You will need a high school diploma and apprenticeship to become an elevator mechanic in Canada.

Also, you may require certification depending on the province you want to work in. You can make about CA$85,000 working as an elevator mechanic in Canada on an annual average.

 19. School Principal and Administrator

This role generally involves supervising the affairs of elementary or secondary schools. Hence, you must possess a bachelor’s degree in education and possibly, a master’s degree with experience as a senior teacher or the head of a department.

In addition, you can earn about CA$100,000 per year as a principal or administrator in Canada.

 20. Financial Manager

As a financial manager, you are the head of the accounting or financial department of your establishment. Therefore, you need knowledge and experience in accounting, budgeting, auditing, etc. Also, you will need to prepare financial statements.

Therefore, to become a financial manager, you need a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, Commerce, amongst others. The average annual salary for the is role is CA$100,000.

 21. Therapist

Your job as a therapist is to help to treat mental health disorders. You will have to devise treatment plans according to your client’s needs. To qualify as a therapist in Canada, you will need a degree in occupational therapy and then get certified at a national or provincial level. The average salary in Canada per year is CA$85,000.

 22. Locomotive Engineer

This field of engineering deals with trains, inspections, repairs, and maintenances. Luckily, this role does not require a degree, although you can get a degree in Railroad operation to improve your knowledge. A high-school diploma and experience with trains are all you need. The average salary per year for this role is CA$80,000.

 23. Health and Community Service Manager

Finally, a job in the healthcare sector that does not require a medical degree. You will be in charge of making policies that affect the health and wellbeing of the community.

However, you must possess a bachelor’s degree with experience and certification in health policy. The average annual salary for this job is CA$120,000.

 24. Police Officer

The law enforcement officers also get paid for their job of protecting the community. A high school diploma will suffice, and some training and assessment test to become a cop in Canada. The average annual salary for cops in Canada is CA$90,000.

 25. Power Line and Cable Worker

This job entails the construction, repair, and maintenance of overhead and underground electric cables. A high school diploma, years of apprenticeship, or work experience will position you highly to qualify for this job. The average salary per annum for this role is CA$80,000.

26. Scientific Research Manager

Your job is to supervise technical work going on in your firm. You need a degree that depends on the type of firm you want to work in, further graduate studies in science, and experience. The average yearly salary for this job is CA$110,000.

 27. Business Executive

This is a high-position job that involves you making decisions and allocating resources in your organization. For example, you could be the Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Financial Officer.

Having a degree in a field related to the firm and years of experience as a senior manager will increase your chances of qualification. The average annual salary as a business executive is about CA$120,000 and above.

 28. Medical Microbiologist

Medical microbiologists work with infectious diseases, identifying, studying, and developing curative and preventive measures for the diseases. To become a medical microbiologist in Canada, you need a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Cell biology, or other related fields.

Also, you must be recognized as a Fellow of the Canadian College of Microbiology (FCCM), for which you will need clinical experience and a Ph.D. to be eligible for the certification exam. You can earn up to CA$120,000 annually as a medical microbiologist in Canada.

 29. Electronics Engineer

You will specialize in the repair and maintenance of electronics and electrical equipment. To qualify as an electronic engineer, you need a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, and Electrical Engineering, supervised work experience, a professional practice exam, and a license. You can earn an average of CA$95,000 yearly as an electronic engineer in Canada.

30. IT developers

As an IT developer, you will work for firms or become a freelancer. There are different areas to specialize in; Web Development, Software Development, etc. You don’t necessarily need a degree; there are skills and courses you can take to qualify. Also, you will need experience and certification to work in Canada. The average annual pay for this job is CA$100,000.


Above are some of the jobs that pay well in Canada. Although some of them can be pretty demanding and time-consuming, others can give you room to freelance. The requirements for these jobs also vary in terms of demand. Finally, it’s not just the pay that matters but your interest in the position, your skill-set, and qualifications, amongst others.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.