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What is Provincial Payment Canada?

Did you receive a deposit in your bank account tagged ‘provincial payment’ and wondered what it meant? As a resident of Canada, you are entitled to provincial payment from your province of residence. This payment is in addition to the direct deposit you receive from the federal government.

But the provincial payments made differ according to the various acts of Parliament. Generally, provincial payments are tax-free but you have to meet the requirements before you’re paid.

The provincial payment is a broad term for benefits paid to qualified permanent residents and citizens by the Canadian government.

Who is Eligible for Provincial Payment in Canada?

Each of the provinces in Canada has requirements you must meet to become eligible for its provincial payments. If you are seeking more information on your eligibility for financial aid and welfare relief, contact your local social assistance provider to get updated advice on your needs.

For instance, most provinces provide child benefits in addition to funds the federal government gives her citizens through the Canada Revenue Agency.

Be sure to check with the relevant agencies in your province to know the kind of welfare assistance is available to you. But generally, you are expected to live in Canada and have a verifiable social insurance number (SIN), before you qualify for most payments.

When are the Provincial Payment Dates?

The dates for provincial payments may differ among provinces in Canada. Visit the official website of your province to get the dates for benefits payment. But if you have not received your payment on the said date, wait for additional 5 working days before contacting the agency responsible for payment.

How Much is the Provincial Payment in Major Provinces?

Since the laws establishing various provincial payments differ, likewise the funds paid to low-income individuals and families differ.

Some provinces pay their citizens child benefits, disability benefits, carbon tax credit, employment tax credit, and GST/ HST credits. Visit the relevant authorities in your locale, to get updated information on the benefits that are accessible to you.

Here’s a rundown of some popular provincial payments:

Child Benefit

This is a tax-free monthly payment each province pays their citizens to aid them in the cost of raising children that are below 18 years. Child benefit payments differ among provinces.

Alberta pays its citizens $110.83 for the first child and $55.41 for subsequent children in a family whose income is below $24,467 annually. To get the correct information on the amount of child benefit in your territory, contact your provincial social assistance provider.

Climate Action Tax Credit

In some provinces like British Columbia and Ontario, the government pays its citizens climate action tax credit. It is a non-taxable payment given to low-income families and individuals to compensate for the carbon taxes deducted from their incomes.

An individual can get as much as $174 and $51 per child. Note that not all provinces in Canada pay citizens for climate action tax.

Visit your provincial government website for more info.

GST/ HST Credits

Just like the GST/ HST credits paid by the federal government, provincial governments in Canada also pay their citizens rebates. It is a tax-free fund reimbursed to offset the sales tax paid by low-income earners.

The payment accrues on taxes of goods and services paid by citizens. And the provinces reimburse families and individuals with low income to increase their purchasing power.  

Disability Benefits

Provinces in Canada pay their citizens’ disability benefits. Both adults and children are entitled to this payment. It’s a monthly non-taxable fund allocated to families of children below 18 years.

Adults with serious impairments are also qualified for disability benefits. For example, adults with disabilities in Newfoundland and Labrador, receive $200 as a disability tax credit.

Cost of Living Offset

Unlike other provinces in Canada, the government of Northwest Territories pays its citizens $156 annual payment as cost of living offset. Each child below 18 receives $180 as well.

This payment is not common among other provinces. Check with your local social assistance authority to know more about the benefits available in your territory.


Governments of the different provinces in Canada give their citizens’ payments every month to assist them in living a more comfortable life.

These payments vary depending on the province you reside. Visit the official website of your province to learn more information on the various provincial payments available to you.

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