10 Tips for Finding a Job on Canadian Job Bank



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Getting a job sometimes can be a daunting task. There are situations when you’ve exhausted all possible options to secure a permanent and reliable source of income, but with no positive result. The problem, however, could be your approach toward finding the job.

Although there are divers are ways and channels through which you can get a job in Canada, one of the reliable and certified methods is through the Canadian job bank.

The job bank is the employment website under the coordination and operation of the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to ensure the provision of an online database of various job listings in Canada. The job bank equally provides other employment services and essential information like career planning, resume building, job matching and notifications, for both job seekers and employers.

Canadian employers often use the job bank to announce various positions available for employment in their organization. The job bank has several tools and information for job seekers and recruiters on the labour market situation, government laws and regulations.

The Canadian job bank is a database of Canadian jobs which help job seekers to search for available jobs posted by employers and recruiters in Canada. The job bank matches the job seeker with employers who ate in search of specific skills and experience. The Canadian job bank, which is a national employment service, is designed to help you find work and programme your career.

The job bank is accessible online through its website or mobile application. In a bid to cater for and satisfy the employment needs of Canadians (employers and job seekers), the job bank frequently searches and monitors the situations in the labour market, collect, analyze, and update employment information’s across Canada.

Through the job bank, you can get a Canada job in both the private and public sectors. The job bank boasts of over 8000 advertised jobs per month with about 150000 registered employers. The job bank also has about 5 million job posting views per month and 750000 career profile views per month.

Tips for finding jobs on Canada job bank

Getting your desired position on job bank requires that you follow the following simple but crucial steps.

  1. Create a job bank account

The first hurdle to cross is to create an individual user account on the jobbank.gc.ca. There are two types of account on the job bank – (a) The standard account (b) The Plus account.

Signup requirements are your email address and your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or express entry profile number. It is the Plus account that gives you the full benefits of the job bank, sign up to the Plus account with your SIN. With your account on job bank, you can search for jobs, customize your search to your taste, create job alerts and get your favourite jobs, build a resume and get matched to jobs.

To be eligible for using the services of the job bank, you must be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, or a foreign national who is an authorized express entry candidate.

You are expected to read and agree to the terms of use, fill in your email address. Confirm it, answer a few security questions, authenticate and finish the registration. Besides, for the plus account, you will be required to provide your SIN, mother’s maiden name and date of birth.

  1. Job search and job match service

After successfully creating your account on the job bank, you are just a few steps away from getting hired by a Canadian employer. More than 80000 jobs are advertised on job bank, and it will amaze you how many jobs can match your skills and experience.

Before you begin your job search, it is essential for you to have a plan. Be selective of the kind of jobs you want, and aim for them. To find a job, browse through the private and public sector job openings to pick the ones that suit you. You can use the job match service of job bank you give you leverage over other job seekers.

The job bank is designed to match employers with job seekers, based on their individual needs and profiles. With the job match service, your profile will be matched with job postings that require similar criteria with your profile on Canada job bank. This includes your skill, education, work experience and location. With these, employers and recruiters can access your profile and send you an invite for job application.

To use the job match service, you must be a registered user on the plus account of Canada job bank.

  1. Sign up for job alerts

This is free to use email service of the job bank. The work of the email service is to notify you of new job postings twice a day. With the job alert, you will not miss any new job postings. It is a fast, easy, and reliable tool to search for a job. All you have to do is subscribe to this service with your email address, your job preference and city, and you are on your way of getting new job alerts daily.

At any time of your choice, you can filter your job preference or unsubscribe.

  1. Job bank mobile app

Job bank has made job search easy for job seekers with the introduction of the mobile app. Job seekers have no excuse as this app can be used in any remote location to search for jobs, create alerts and track your favourites. It easy to navigate and convenient to filter through all advertised jobs on the job bank. The mobile app can be downloaded and installed on any smartphone or tablets. You can download the app on the app store for iOS users, or Google Play for Android users.

The mobile app for job bank allows you to customize your search preference with filter and get notified for new jobs. Besides, you can scroll through jobs or swipe with the card view option. You can swipe left to move to the next job posted or swipe right to add the job to your favourites. The mobile app also has a feature that reminds you for jobs that you saved as favourites, such that you won’t miss out on any job opportunity.

  1. Job bank resume builder

This service on the job bank platform is aimed at preparing you to apply for the job of your choice. If you search for and find a job, and refuse or unable to apply for one reason or the other, the effort is in futility. Job bank can help you apply for your job. The way this works is that you must have a good, updated Canadian style resume.

The resume builder can help you in putting up a professional resume by showing you practical tips, tricks and guides on how to have a functional updated resume. There are templates which you can follow or edit to your taste. You can equally download, print and save several formats and types of resume you want from the job bank resume builder.

Remember that your resume is what the employers will assess first to determine if they will hire you or not. To access this service, you must be a registered user on either the standard or plus account on the job bank.

  1. Career planning

This allows you to learn more about different fields of study and post-education of people on that career path. Taking advantage of job opportunities require that you be equipped with the necessary skills and experience to market yourself to employers. Therefore you need to make informed and smart decisions in your choice of career path.

The job bank career tools iOS easy to navigate and web-based. It provides you with detailed information on the benefits of various occupations and the training or education needed to get them. With this tool, you can browse and compare diverse programmes and the high paying ones. You can equally get the type of jobs that are in high demand and the ones available on job bank.

Moreover, you can use this tool to position yourself better for jobs, with first-hand information you get from this tool.

  1. Career quiz and test

In case you are one of those who are unsure of the career path to follow, job bank has got your back. The job platform has an option where you can take a test before starting to explore different career options. The available six quizzes will help discover your position, work preference, skills and strength.

This tool is designed to help you choose, change or develop new occupations that will be a good fit for you and help you find a job in that area.

  1. Job profile/career planning

With this, you can explore and learn about the features of occupation, like the available jobs in that field, the career prospects, skills, and job requirements. You can narrow this search to different province or cities of your choice.

  1. Skills and knowledge

Getting a job on the job bank requires that you market your skills and expertise. Thus, it would be best if you explored job or career options concerning your abilities and knowledge, and focus your attention ion searching for jobs that match the skills you have or interested in.

  1. Market exploration/trend analysis

You can also learn about an occupation that interest you, in terms of the wages, job conditions, job prospects, education, skills related to the job, and recent job positions in that occupation. This can help you arrive at a smart conclusion in your job search. You can equally get access to news, report and Canada labour analysis to discover the available jobs and remunerations.


The new and improved outlook of the job bank has been designed with features that will aid quick job search and employment opportunities. Study and apply these tips in your job search for better and improved results.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.