Cost of Nursing School in Canada

Average Cost of Nursing School in Canada

Nursing is one of the professions that offer people the opportunity to travel around the globe. The average cost of nursing school in Canada depends on the nursing program you are enrolled in and the province your school is located.

In recent years, countries like Austria the UAE and the UK have seen more nurses come in than other countries. But lately, nursing in Canada has become an increasingly attractive deal.

It is also one of the most sought-after courses for both Canadian and international students. Nursing school can be quite expensive depending on the location of the nursing school.

Nursing in Canada

As a student nurse in Canada, you will have the option to specialize in two fields out of four. The four main nursing fields include:

  • Adulting nursing
  • Children nursing
  • Learning disability nursing
  • Mental health nursing

While enrolled for any of the below-mentioned nursing programs in Canada,

  • Licensed Practical Nurse programs
  • Registered Nursed programs
  • Registered psychiatric nurse programs

You will learn general medical practices and how to treat people suffering from an illness. Like any medical practice, aside from your educational qualification, you will need to develop soft skills like empathy and cooperation to become a successful nurse in Canada.

In time, with a degree in nursing, you become a nurse in the above-mention fields, a paramedic or a physician associate. And with your experience, you can take up a more demanding position like chief/head nurse.


In Canada, nursing is available both as a diploma/undergraduate degree program. It is recommended by the national licensing body, the Canadian Nurses Association that all nurses must obtain their undergraduate Bachelor’s degree as it is required in all provinces aside Quebec and Yukon provinces.

To be admitted for either a diploma or undergraduate (BN/BSC) degree program in nursing, intending students must have a high school result with an average of Grade C in the following subject:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics

For intending student without this requirement, they can enrol for a pre-nursing year. Bachelors nursing programs take between 2-4 years.

Average Cost of Nursing School in Canada

“The average cost of nursing school is around 21,922 CAD for an undergraduate program”

The average cost of enrolling in a nursing school in Canada depends on many varying factors, some of which include:

  • The institution
  • If you are a Canadian or an international student
  • The province

Other variables to key into your budgeting are:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Feeding
  • Books
  • Miscellaneous

Note that international students pay higher tuition fees than Canadian students. All universities in Canada are publicly funded by the Canadian government to provide low-cost education to natives.

The average cost of nursing school is around 21,922 CAD for an undergraduate program, and 16,168 CAD for graduate programs. The next part of this article will provide details on university and their cost of acquiring a nursing degree.

Nursing Schools in Canada and their Costs

The schools below do not only provide affordable nursing degree, but they are also some of the most comprehensive nursing programs in Canada. In no particular order, the institutions are:

Located in Ottawa, Canada, this institution offers a four-year nursing program in partnership with two other institution – Algonquin and La Cite Collegiale. The average tuition fees for this institution is around 10,850 CAD to 16,700 CAD. After completion of the program, students who want to further their studies at this university for graduate programs have easier access.

Mount Royal University is a public university, located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The average tuition for a nursing degree starts from 6,520 CAD yearly. This institution provides its nursing student with first-hand learning opportunity to groom them for future practice.

This is one of the cheapest institutions for intending nursing student. Brandon University is a reputable institution located in the city of Brandon, Manitoba Canada. The undergraduate nursing program at this institution ranges from 7,505 – 8,204 CAD yearly. The school offers a four-year program with several clinical prospects for students.

Located in Fredericton Saint John, Canada, UNB as it is popularly known offers an extensive four-year bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Tuition fee in UNB ranges from 12,900 CAD to 18,500 CAD. Students at UNB are inducted early into the practical aspect of their degree from their first year.

The University of Manitoba is an institution with a nursing college located in Winnipeg, Canada. The tuition fee for a nursing degree starts with 13,700 CAD. This institution provides a comprehensive nursing program that entails, technical and clinical practice.

Located in Regina, Canada, University of Reginal is an institution that offers a nursing program in partnership with Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Tuition fee cost around 8,580 in this institution. Through the partnership, a nursing student can choose between four cities in Saskatchewan to run their program – Saskatoon, Regina, Swift or Battleford. The nursing program in this centre is focused majorly on practical work.

This is also a relatively cheap university for intending nursing student. Located in Corner Brook, Canada, the Memorial University of Newfoundland is an institution that provides nursing students with the option to choose where they will like to run their degree. These nursing centres are all equipped to provide the best learning experience to students.

  • Corner Brook or Center for Nursing Studies, St. John’s
  • John’s Western Regional school of nursing
  • Memorial University School of Nursing

Also. Students enrolled with this institution can pick a specific area of interest in their program. It cost an average of 9,000 CAD yearly for a degree in Nursing from this institution.

With a degree in nursing from this institution, you will automatically become a member of the Association of Nurses of Prince Edward Island. Located in Charlottetown, Canada, this institution offers a four-year program in Nursing, with the tuition fee starting from 10,280 CAD.

Located in Antigonish, Canada, this institution offers a nursing degree program that spans for four years. Students enrolled in this institution are provided with the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice by interning in a hospital environment. It cost around 12,725 CAD year to obtain a nursing degree in this institution.

With this list, intending nursing students can have an insight into the average cost they are expected to pay. To know more about each university mentioned above, you can click on the university.

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