G2 Test

Benefits of Taking the G2 Test as an Experienced Driver

If you want to drive on the streets of Ontario, you’d have to understand what graduated licensing is all about. Ontario takes driver and pedestrian safety seriously hence the graduated system, which allows you to go from the G1 to G2 before becoming licensed in the G class.

No one is above mistakes, and anyone can cause an accident. However, the novice or new drivers are the most prone to do so. The Ontario Graduated Licensing System allows young drivers to grow in the experience while allowing them greater responsibility as they climb through the

The system divides its license class into three levels which are:

  • Learners (G1)
  • Probationary licence ((G2)

Ontario uses a graduated system so you must pass through all stages of the licencing exam.

Requirements to Drive in Ontario

You must have the following documents to drive in Ontario:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Plate and Valid Permit
  • Insurance Coverage

For you to enjoy the benefits of taking the G2 test, you must:

  •  Be 16 years old at the minimum
  • Pass an eye examination
  • Pass a written examination on the rules of the road and traffic signs and their meanings.

What to Know About G2 Test

To get a G2 licence, you’d need to wait 12 months after getting your G1 licence. Once you’ve acquired the experience you need on the road, you can apply for your G2 test. However, a course at a driver education Institute can reduce your wait time to 8 months.

Some of the skills you’ll be tested on include:

  • How you drive in hazardous conditions
  • Your knowledge of the rules of the road for starting, stopping, and turning
  • Your skills driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Skills in reversing and parking
  • Your steering control and ability to adhere to safe speed limits

The Reality of a G2 License

Holding a G2 licence means you’re a driver on probation. At this level, you’re still learning the rules of the road through practice and theory. The restrictions on the G1 is a lot more than the G2, while the full G licence has no limits.

Qualifications for G2 Test

You must arrive 30 minutes before your appointment. You’re also required to sign a declaration stating you have sufficient experience to go through the expressway driving component. However, your examiner can cancel your G2 driving test if you don’t have this experience. The consequence of this is that you’ll lose 50% of the road test fee.

 Benefits of Taking the G2 Test

Once you pass your G2 test, you’ll be eligible to receive your full G licence. Some of these benefits include:

  • Your G licence is valid for life. You’ll only have to take additional testing after you attain a certain age.
  • A G licence can help you pay less on your car insurance monthly rates.
  • A G licence gives you the most freedom to drive without the restrictions you find in the G1 and G2 licence.

How a G Licence Can Lower your Rates

Owning a G licence can help you save money on your car insurance because most insurance companies know that only drivers with additional knowledge of the rules of the road can receive such a licence. These drivers may be given special promo offers and discounts upon the successful completion of their licencing exams.

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