Best Free YNAB Alternatives to Plan Your Budget

If you’ve never used a You Need A Budget (YNAB) app; then you’re not letting your money do all the hard work for you. YNAB is a collection of financial tools that give you an insight into your spending and debt. It allows you to task every dollar of your income into your priorities while enabling you to keep pace with your financial objectives.

YNAB is a significant financial management app of great repute. But do you know you can find other free YNAB alternatives that are just as effective?

Here are some of the best free YNAB alternatives at the moment:


If you enjoy using the envelop-based system that is the hallmark of the YNAB app but can’t pay the monthly fees, you should try out EveryDollar. It’s an app that places each dollar you make into monthly expenses such as groceries, rent, mortgages, and car payments. It easily allows you to track your spending while providing you with monthly updates.

EveryDollar has two versions; the free app and the paid version. The free app is cool because it doesn’t display ads or promotional content, providing you with a more luxurious experience.


From the stable of the renowned Fintech company, Intuit, Mint is a mobile app and web-based software that gives you a comprehensive repertoire of credit and budgeting management solutions. Once you import your credit card and banking info on the platform, it paints a complete picture of your finances, including your pending payments.

As a visual application, Mint utilizes graphs and pie charts to provide you with information on your spending. It’s budgeting solutions are just as effective as YNAB, while the app offers advice that helps you save money. The only difference between YNAB and Mint is the latter is free while the former isn’t. However, Mint’s innovative solutions do come at a price as it provides clickable promotional content.


Reminiscent of EveryDollar, GoodBudget is also an app that uses the envelope-based system. However, most of its processes are filled by hand. Once you register an account, and you input the amount you propose to spend, the app uses visual cues like bar graphs to highlight what’s left of your finances.

The downside to GoodBudget is that you have to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. The app doesn’t auto-sync your transactions, while you fill the expense categories yourself. Other than that, it’s an excellent app for savers who want to include their families in a budgeting program.


PocketGuard is primarily an app that allows savers to create a budget from the residue of their retirement and investment accounts. It is a free app with similar tools that you can find on Mint and YNAB. The app goes a step further to link your credit cards and investment accounts to provide a more accurate picture of your finances.

PocketGuard also provides a deterrent for individuals who like to overspend through its “In My Pocket” feature. And unlike YNAB, PocketGuard employs a multi-layered authentication protocol to keep your data safe. The app uses a 256-bit SSL – the same as you can find in some of the most renowned financial institutions.

Budget apps are essential in today’s society because they help you take control of your finances while allowing you to save for future goals. There you have it, the best free YNAB alternatives at your disposal.

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