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What is Canada Fed Deposit on Bank Statement?

If you have ever seen a credit payment from Canada fed deposit on your bank statement, it is a direct payment from the Canadian government.

There will always be low-income earners in any country, governments around the world formulate policies targeted at improving the well-being of their citizens.

The Canadian government through its organization, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) performs the same responsibility. Also, this is the department of government that is accountable for receiving payments and taxes from Canadian citizens both home and abroad.

What is Canada Fed Deposit?

The Canada Fed deposit is a payment which the federal government gives its less wealthy citizens to improve their welfare. But due to the high cost of issuing and mailing cheques to citizens’ addresses, the federal government has opted for direct deposit. 

Direct deposit is a fast, secure and convenient electronic transfer of money from the federal government directly to the bank account you provided during your enrollment.

So if you enrol for direct deposit on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website, your funds will appear as a direct deposit on your bank statement.

The main aim of these Canada fed deposits is to provide financial rebates on taxes paid by citizens to further increase their purchasing power. These payments from the government are non-taxable. That is, you do not pay taxes on them.

What are the different types of payments from Canada Fed Deposit?

There are several payments the Canadian government makes through direct deposits to its citizens’ bank accounts. These payments include;

  • Canada Child Benefits

The Canada child benefit (CCB) is a non-taxable monthly payment given to eligible families to provide assistance with the high cost of raising children below 18 years.

It is regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency. Some benefits included in the CCB are child-disability benefits and other payments from relevant provincial programs.

  • Child Disability Benefits

Children with disabilities in Canada are entitled to this payment. The child disability benefit is a monthly tax-free payment given to families of children below 18 years.

The degree of impairment is considered in allocating this benefit as children with prolonged and serious injuries are most eligible for the child disability benefits.

A medical practitioner will have to certify that the child has serious impairments before the CRA will approve the form.

  • Canadian Workers Benefits

The Canadian workers’ benefits are tax credits given to low-income earners with the intent of providing tax reliefs to eligible individuals and families.

The government pays these refundable tax credits to encourage more individuals to join the Canadian working class.

The Canadian workers’ benefit comes in two parts; a disability supplement and a basic amount. Both are payable to eligible individuals and families as advanced payments rather than waiting for tax season

  • Federal Goods and Services Tax/ Harmonized Sales Tax Credits

The Canadian government provides sales tax credits to its citizens by giving them goods and services tax/ harmonized sales taxes.

Both payments are non-taxable quarterly funds given to families and individuals with low incomes.

This payment is made to compensate individuals and families with a modest income for the GST/ HST they pay. To become eligible for both payments, you must file your taxes.

Other payments include; income tax refunds, Canada recovery benefits, Canada recovery caregiving benefits. Be sure to contact your bank or the CRA to get clarifications on the direct deposits you receive.

Who is Eligible for Canada Fed Deposit?

Since there are different types of payments you can receive as Canada Fed deposits, it’s advisable that you check out the relevant agencies’ websites that are responsible for payments.

But on a general note, to qualify for the Canadian government funds, you must live and have a house in Canada with the correct mailing address. 

There are different requirements you need to meet to receive other types of payments. For instance, to receive the Canadian workers’ benefits, you must be above 18 and you must have a job.

Plus, you should file your tax returns on time to get your funds promptly. You must also have a Canadian bank account to receive money through the government’s direct deposit.


Just like other governments, the Canadian government provide rebates and tax credits to her citizens. And there are various departments of government that regulate and provide support for citizens’ welfare.

To find out which benefits you qualify to receive from the government, visit the agency’s website to get the required information you need. 

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