CRA Change of Address

How to Do a CRA Change of Address

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is in charge of everything related to revenue payment in Canada. As Canadians, we’re expected to pay our taxes to CRA every year. In turn, the agency has the responsibility of sending us any money or taxes due.

So how does the CRA contact you? Most Canadian still utilize the conventional mailbox method. With the mailing method, the CRA sends your returns via mail to your home address.

However, people move houses, and once this happens, it can disrupt mails as the CRA loses its means of reaching them. The good news is that there are ways to go about staying updated even if you move houses.

This article will be recommending ways you can do a CRA Change of Address.

Updating your CRA Address

When you move houses within the same province or relocate to another province, it is crucial to update your address with CRA. It would be best if you did this update before moving or immediately after you move. This is to ensure that there are no disruptions to your returns, notices of assessments, correspondence with the CRA, etc.

Regardless of where you are moving to, it is vital to keep your address up-to-date with the CRA as you do not want to miss any critical notice. Note that your details are confidential, and the CRA will not disclose them to other government departments.

However, you can authorize the CRA to share your details with Elections Canada by answering yes to both Elections Canada questions on page one of your return.

Three Ways to Do a CRA Change of Address

Below are three ways you can do a CRA change of address:

1. Online

If you are using the online channel, you will need to use the CRA My Account option. You will log in to the CRA website, navigate to the My Account option, and change your details.

Choose the Manage Address option and input your new address, then save. To complete the above-mentioned process, you must have a login name, password, date of your move, social insurance number (SIN) and new address.

2. Phone Call

You can make a phone call to the CRA to update your new address. You need to call 1-800-959-5525 for a business account and 1-800-959-8281 for an individual account to initiate the process. Once your call connects, you will be assigned a representative that will help you facilitate the update. Be warned though, waiting periods are usually long!

But you can submit authorization for someone to represent you. There are two ways you can assign and authorize a representative, they are:

  • The representative can be given information but cannot make any changes
  • Changes can be made on request on your behalf by the representative

To proceed, you have to choose the * key option – which is the prompt for change of address. Input your social insurance number (SIN) and confirm your SIN by pressing one or input the correct details by pressing 2

Once your representative picks up, tell them you want to change your address and answer their security questions. Note that the representative might require you to confirm some details about your previous year’s tax return. These details might include information about whether or not you received a refund or your total estimated income.

3. Mail

To change your address via mail or fax, you need to complete an RC325 form. This form is accessible online. In addition, you will need to include a signed letter that includes your social insurance number, new address and moving date.

4. Filing your Annual Tax Return

You can also update your address when filing your tax return; all you need to do is indicate your new address on the forms. Alternatively, if you are using software, all you need to do is link your NETFILE to your CRA MyAccount from your tax software.

Why You Should Update Your CRA Address ASAP

  • Goods and Service Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax

The GST and HST are quarterly tax-free pays for individuals and families with a low or average income. Note that eligibility and the number of benefits due are usually automatically calculated when you file your taxes.

Also, the CRA will send these details to you via your mailing address. So, if you do not want your benefits to be paused, you should update your address.

  • Universal Care Benefit

If you want to keep receiving this benefit without interruption, you should update your address as soon as possible. Note that this benefit is for eligible parents and comes in the form of direct financial aid. Also, you must update the address on your file if you want to keep receiving this payment.

  • Working Income Tax Benefit

Eligible parties receive these benefits on the fifth of every month. If you change your billing address before the fifth of the month, you must update your file with the CRA to keep receiving the benefits.

Your address update will be with Service Canada if you receive any Canada pension plan benefit or Old Age Security benefit.


Updating your new billing address on CRA is hassle-free, and there are several options available. Regardless of the process you decide to use, ensure that you update in time to avoid disruption.

Also, you can update your spouse or child’s address. All you need to do is include their name, social insurance number, and signature in the letter/mail to the CRA.

If you use direct deposit to receive your tax refund and benefit payments, it is advisable to update your address with your bank before contacting CRA to avoid cancelling your direct deposit plan.

Another important thing to note is that if you are moving in March or April, it is advisable to update your address before filing your tax return and then include your new address on your tax return. By doing so, you can rest assured that the CRA will send all notices and refunds to your new address.

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