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10 Best Home Business Ideas for Women

Coming up with business ideas that suit your skills, aspirations, and accommodates the home front may seem quite daunting. To make it easier, we have put together a list of 10 popular businesses by women in Canada.

Female Small business owners today are taking advantage of online avenues and new technology to earn money.

So what are the benefits of a home-based online business? A large number of people have recommended this type of work because it is entirely flexible. The best part is you may never have to leave your home to do most of them.

Note that this list was generated based on popularity among the women we surveyed. Women in Canada can do practically any business they choose to!

1. Freelance Writing

There is a significant demand for freelance writing jobs that require efficient knowledge and creativity. It is one of the easiest freelance jobs you can do from home.

English writing tends to be the top demanded skillset in freelance writing gigs and given this could be your native language it would come easy income for the best home-based business.

A large number of blog posts are now getting published on Google as website content. People are working from home and earning a significant amount. Content writers earn between $30 to $400 per article. You can kickstart your writing journey by registering on Upwork or Fiverr.

2. Sell Items Online  

If you have an interest in selling products then this could be ideal. If you love to make handmade items, you might want to list them for sale on Etsy.

There are other ways to sell online including via Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, Amazon FBA, and Dropshipping. With dropshipping, you need to find a product supplier and connect them to sellers via your own platform (usually an e-commerce store). You make a profit by marking up the price of the product. The manufacturer takes care of fulfilling orders and shipping.

How do you think Amazon is able to sell such a large number of products? It runs a program known as Amazon FBA. Under this program, some sellers purchase products from abroad (mainly China) and resell them on the Amazon platform. You can source wholesalers on Alibaba. Be careful not to get scammed by sellers.

You can also try affiliate marketing. With this type of selling, you get a unique referral link. You can earn some money each time someone buys through your link.

3. Photographer

Do you enjoy capturing picture-perfect moments with your camera? This could be your professional home-based business!

This job would be a natural fit for someone who already has cameras and all the gadgets that go with them. With the available technology, you can promote yourself to potential customers through local social media pages or even Facebook groups.

You can check out the Essential photography equipment list for beginners through PhotoWorkout. As well, it is recommended you have prior experience with photo editing. If not, there are online classes you can find to help strengthen your skills.

4. Gift Basket Business

There are many occasions for making DIY Products or gift baskets arrangements. This one has a bit of an upfront cost based on what products the client would like to make or what type of baskets you are creating as a home-based business.

You can take orders from people through online forms or even arrange them through requests on your website page. There are so many occasions you can create for including Valentine’s day, Christmas gift, or end of school year gifts for teachers. Pinterest is a great place to show off your talent and promote your business.

5. Jewelry Maker

If you have some knowledge of jewelry making, you can choose this field. It might include diamond, gold or silver rings, and even quirky jewelry items that are unique. People also love customized jewelry.

What happens when you don’t have precious gems? Just check out Pinterest or Etsy for some great ideas on non-precious gems or metal pieces of jewelry. These are just as profitable and the creativity is boundless.

6. Hairstylist

If you enjoy hairstyling but have not established the talent yet, there are night and weekend schools you can take for training.

Perhaps you have these skills naturally and can take them to the next level as you take your hairstyling business off the ground. This business can earn you over $20,000 a year.

7. YouTube Personality

YouTube is one of the most used apps in the field of technology. With the latest advancements of social media and the need for content, you can earn $$ as well as fame by making various videos depending on your interest and abilities.

You can create a channel that may be related to the technical field, drawing, painting, teaching, roasting, different online courses, or many other things that are trending. The opportunities on YouTube are boundless!

But, YouTube income doesn’t come cheap! You will work very hard for it. You also need to be consistent to see any progress.

8. Daycare

If you are in a position to be taking care of your own children at home perhaps you might want to consider opening your doors as a Daycare Provider. Each province and territory in Canada has its own stipulation on how many kids you can have based on age.

Providing full-time care or after-school care can be a great source of income. It will be a perfect fit if you know how to take care of multiple kids with love, care, and affection.

9.  Interior Designer

Are you very good with colors and patterns? What is trending and what isn’t? Then an Interior designer business might be the right fit for you.

This is a very lucrative business because people are always seeking the professional services of an interior designer. They need someone to help them choose the right colors, patterns and furniture for their spaces.

Use your knowledge of trending colors and textures to create a high in-demand service.

10. Party Planner

Celebrations are always happening; birthdays, weddings, baby showers, you name it! Do you find yourself always “planning” parties or local events with your extra time? Why not start getting paid to do the job as a part-time contractor!

If you are someone with a creative mind, becoming a party planner only seems like a natural fit. The risks are low and startup costs are minimal (mainly advertising and rental costs).

To find out the right price to charge, call up some of your competitors to see what they are charging. Make sure that you have a contract in place for each new project you want to take on with full details of what is expected.


There are endless opportunities available to women in Canada today. You will find that these businesses that start out small may eventually become pretty profitable within a few years. Don’t forget to register your business for tax purposes.

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