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HBC MasterCard Canada Review

HBC MasterCard is a no-fee credit card offered to Canadians by Hudson’s Bay Company, which allows you to earn points for spending on purchases at The Bay. No matter where you shop or on what you spend your dollar, the HBC MasterCard offers so much to cardholders, especially with the HBC Rewards.

The HBC MasterCard is one of the leading store credit cards available to Canadians from all walks of life, to earn points that can be redeemed towards purchases and other shopping perks at Hudson’s Bay.

What is HBC MasterCard?

The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard is a no-fee and a store credit card issued by Capital One for shopping and earning reward points at the Hudson’s Bay Stores in Canada. This credit card is suitable for Canadians who are shopping favorites at Hudson’s Bay Stores. The HBC MasterCard, aside from its benefits and perks enables the cardholders to save on shopping and shipping, and equally earning more bonus points.

The Hudson’s Bay Company is a large chain of stores located across Canada. The company has been in existence since 1670, making it the oldest company in North America.

Hudson’s Bay Reward

The Hudson’s Bay Rewards program is an exclusive offer of the Hudson’s Bay company that offer rewards points to cardholders for every dollar spent on purchases at the bay store. With this rewards program, you’ll also earn double rewards points for every dollar spent when you use your HBC MasterCard with the Hudson’s Bay rewards card, at Hudson’s Bay and the company’s online store, as well as its affiliate stores.

The company also partnered with Petro Canada to offer more Hudson’s Bay Rewards points to cardholders. When you shop with your card at Hudson’s Bay (online and in-store), you earn 20 percent Hudson’s Bay rewards points. In the same way, you’ll get 20 percent more petro points at petro Canada.

The Hudson’s Bay Rewards points can be earned at Hudson’s Bay store, Hudson’s Bay online and home fitters, as well as shopping at any of the HBC Rewards partners, such as Asking Canadians, Petro Canada, and RBC Rewards.

The HBC MasterCard Details

The Hudson’s Bay Company MasterCard is designed to allow you earn points from every dollar spent on shopping, whether at Hudson’s Bay stores or anywhere else. Invariably as a cardholder, you do not only earn more reward points for your in-store and online purchases at Hudson’s Bay, you equally earn points for every purchases on gas, groceries, and other items.

Moreover, the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard gives you global access to credit everywhere MasterCard is accepted for payment. With the use of your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard, you’ll get access to Hudson’s Bay savings all year round. In addition, this MasterCard comes with zero liability and insurance perks, and also offers you the chance to save on shipping while earning more points. Other features and perks of the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard include:

  • Annual fee: $0 (no annual fee)
  • Additional authorized user card fee: $0
  • Annual interest rate on purchases: 17%
  • Annual interest rate on cash advances: 17%
  • Annual interest rate on balance transfer: 17%
  • Earn 4 points for every $1 spent on purchases at Hudson’s Bay stores
  • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent outside Hudson’s Bay stores
  • Receive a 25 percent bonus twice annually on points earned outside Hudson’s Bay stores
  • Use your MasterCard at over 35 million locations, everywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Access to over 20 HBC savings events per year
  • Free shipping on online purchases, with a minimum purchase of $29/$45


The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard is available to Canadian residents who are of the age of majority in their province or territory of residence. In addition, potential; cardholders must have a good credit score and no bankruptcy report.

Features and Benefits of Hudson’s Bay MasterCard

Shopping Privileges

As a Hudson’s Bay MasterCard holder, when you use your card at Hudson’s Bay company stores, you get access to free shipping on items purchased online at, as well as up to 90 days returns.

Zero Fees

The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard comes with no annual fees.

Wide Usage

The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Also, wherever you make use of your card, you earn 2 Hudson’s Bay rewards points for every dollar spent outside of Hudson’s Bay Company stores, and 1 25 percent bi-annual bonus.

Interest- Free Grace Period

There is a grace period of 21 days where Hudson’s Bay cardholders enjoy an interest-free benefit on new purchases. Though, there is no interest free benefit on cash advances and balance transfers.

Convert Points to Gift Cards

You can redeem your Hudson’s Bay points for Hudson’s Bay gift cards, home fitters, and for any item you like. Hence, when you accumulate about 2000 HBC points, you can redeem this for a $10 Hudson’s Bay gift card.

Access to Exclusive Events

As a cardholder, you also enjoy additional savings, when you use your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard at exclusive events. The Hudson’s Bay store offers over 20 savings events. Also, when you sign up at, you will be notified of these events ahead of their dates.

Zero Liability

As a Hudson’s Bay MasterCard holder, you are protected from any unauthorized transactions on your card. The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard also comes with other supplementary benefits.

Chip and PIN

Hudson’s Bay MasterCard comes with chip and PIN technology for your protection as a cardholder.

Anti-Fraud Technology

HBC MasterCard has a fraud monitoring system to protect its cardholders. You will be immediately notified if there is any suspicious transaction or activity on your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard.

Internet and Mobile Access

You can get access to your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard account via the Hudson’s Bay website on the web or through the HBC mobile app, which you can download on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can equally use the HBC mobile app to shop for your favorite items on the Hudson’s Bay online store, track your order, and get free delivery.

Downsides of Hudson’s Bay MasterCard

Although the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard is a fantastic addition as a store credit card, however, the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard has some shortcomings. These include:

Credit Card Application

To apply for the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard, you have to walk in to any Hudson’s Bay stores. Unlike other credit card companies, there is no provision of online application for the HBC MasterCard. Hence, all applications are done in store.

Insurance Benefits

Another downside of the HBC MasterCard is the absence of insurance benefits for cardholders, such as purchase protection, and extended warranty insurance.

Limited Usage

Unless you are an avid shopper and a favorite of the Hudson’s Bay stores, there is a limit to how you can spend or redeem your earned points.

FAQs on The HBC MasterCard

Will I Be Charged Transaction Fees?

For the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard, certain transaction fees may apply on your card. All other fees associated with the card are outlined in the cardholder agreement.

Can I Apply Even If I’m Not a Hudson’s Bay Rewards Member?

Yes. When you apply for a Hudson’s Bay MasterCard, you automatically get enrolled in the Hudson’s Bay Rewards program, and your Hudson’s Bay Rewards card will be mailed to you after your credit card application approval. Alternatively, you can pick your card at the Hudson’s Bay store where you applied for your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard.

How Long Does It Take To Process My HBC MasterCard Application?

After your credit card application has been approved, your Hudson’s Bay MasterCard will be mailed to you by Capital One within 7 to 10 business days.

Why Have You Asked Me To Provide My Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

Providing your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is optional, but it helps to distinguish you from other credit card applicants/cardholders.

What Is The Difference Between The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard And The Hudson’s Bay Credit Card?

The Hudson’s Bay MasterCard can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted, while you can also earn 2 points for every dollar spent outside of Hudson’s Bay Company stores. The Hudson’s Bay credit card on the other hand is only accepted at the Hudson’s Bay and  However, both cards (Hudson’s Bay MasterCard and the Hudson’s Bay credit card) can earn you double points at Hudson’s Bay online and physical stores.

Final Thought

If you love shopping, the Hudson’s Bay MasterCard is one of the fantastic store credit cards available in Canada, and can be a worthy addition to your wallet.

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