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Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Canada

The cost of hair laser hair removal in Canada widely varies. A lot will depend on the number of sessions you need, where you live and the services you’ll use.

There are lots of different ways that you can remove your hair. From shaving to waxing, to plucking and threading, the list goes on and on. But today, one of the most popular methods of hair removal is through the use of lasers.

Laser hair removal involves using highly concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles and destroy the hair. It is a quick and easy way to remove hair and is one of the most common procedures in North America today. But how much does laser hair removal cost?

The average cost of laser hair removal in Canada

Depending on where you will have laser hair removal, you should expect to pay anywhere between $60 and $400 CAD per treatment. Yes, this is an extensive range, but that’s because many factors go into determining the cost of hair removal. In other words, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

The average cost of hair removal in Canada, however, is $285 CAD per session.

 So what goes into determining the price of your hair removal?

  • Which part of the body you are having treated. Laser hair removal can be used on almost any part of the body, except the delicate area around the eyes. But where you are having your hair removed will play a significant role in how much you should expect to pay. Smaller areas of the body, such as a pubic region, require much less time and generally end up with a smaller bill. Larger areas like the back or legs will require more time and treatment, and will cost more.
  •  The number of sessions needed: Unfortunately, laser hair removal isn’t a one-time solution. Most people require several different sessions for hair removal to work. Because pigments absorb energy, the color and thickness of your hair can play a role in how many sessions you will need. Generally speaking, darker hair absorbs the pigments better than lighter pigments. Those with red or blonde hair can have more difficulty with laser treatments, requiring more sessions. The more sessions you need, the more you should expect to pay. The texture and thickness of your hair can also influence the number of sessions required.
  •  Who you choose to remove your hair. Like most services, very few laser hair removal companies charge the same price. Pricing may vary depending on where you live, how much experience the technician has, and other factors.

How many sessions will you need?

As mentioned above, most people require more than one laser hair removal session to remove all of their hair. The number of sessions you will need depends on numerous factors, including the color of your skin, the color of your hair, and the thickness of your hair. 

The majority of people should expect to need between 3 to 7 sessions to remove all their hair. At an average cost of $285 per session, you’re looking at a final bill between $855 and $1,995. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth the cost?

The answer to this question is subjective. If you don’t like shaving or other forms of hair removal, then laser hair removal may be worth the money. Many people like laser hair removal because it is permanent. That means that once your treatments are completed, you will never have to worry about hair in the treated area again.

People also like laser hair removal because it is quick, treating many hairs simultaneously within a fraction of a second. That means that smaller areas can be treated in less than a minute, and larger areas usually within an hour. Laser treatment is also safe and leaves the skin undamaged.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a permanent solution for dealing with unwanted hair on your body, laser hair removal may be a good solution for you.

Yes, laser hair treatment can be expensive depending on which area of the body you’re having treated, but it removes the hair permanently so that you don’t ever have to worry about it again once treatment is completed.

To determine exactly what it will cost for laser hair removal, speak to a technician and ask for a free consultation. During your consultation, your technician will discuss exactly what to expect during your sessions, how many sessions you should need, and what you should expect to pay for those sessions. 

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