How More Rewards Loyalty Program Works



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More Rewards

The More Rewards loyalty program is one of several rewards programs in Canada, offering diverse loyalty bonuses and gifts to customers, with different features and benefits. As a result, Canadians are presented with various opportunities to earn bonus points from loyalty programs, which can further be redeemed for whatever the reward company allows or provides.

More Rewards is a loyalty reward program exclusively for residents of western Canada, and especially B.C. The rewards program offers you the opportunity to earn and redeem reward points at different participating merchants on your everyday purchases, and equally redeem the points for groceries, gift cards, travels, and more.

How More Rewards Works In Canada

More Rewards is operated by Overwaitea Food Group (OFG). The Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) is a Langley, British Columbia-based supermarket operator. The company was founded and owned by the Jim Pattison Group.

With about 160 retail stores across western Canada, the OFG operates under different banner names, such as Urban Fare, Price Smart Foods, Van Whole Produce Ltd, Bulkley Valley Wholesale, and Cooper’s Foods. The Overwaitea Foods brand has been converted to operate under its sister chain, Save-On-Foods.

The OFG is unarguably the largest western centred Canadian retail food store, providing its services to more than 80 communities in BC and Alberta provinces. Since its inception over a century ago, the firm has spread its services across the west of Canada and now operates under different brands in over 145 stores, to provide quality service to its customers.

More Rewards enables you to amass loyalty points when you shop at any of your preferred retail stores and participating merchants. The points earned from this loyalty program can be redeemed for gift cards, groceries, Canucks tickets, BC ferry rides, charitable donations, and save-on-food discounts.

How To Earn More Rewards Points

Ever wonder which channel is the best option to earn extra More Rewards points in Canada? When you present your More Rewards card after purchase at Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Urban Fare, or Cooper’s Foods, you are entitled to earn More Rewards points. There are equally a food number of other retail stores and participating merchant outlets that are partners in the More Rewards loyalty program.

Here are some of the More Rewards partners where you can earn extra points on the More Rewards loyalty program, with your More Rewards loyalty card.

Accent Inns

Enjoy loyalty points on the More Rewards program with accent inns. The accent inns is a BC-based company in the hotel industry. When you stay at any accent inns hotel, you earn 200 bonus points for each night. Besides, you are entitled to a lot of free perks and other benefits in business travel stays.

Coast Hotels

You can earn loyalty points towards complimentary stays, room upgrades, and vacation packages with the More Rewards card, and redeem for great rewards in travels, groceries, and more. You earn 5x More Rewards points on every $1 CDN spent on your stay at coast hotels. More Rewards members also receive one point for every pre-tax dollar they spend at all coast hotel properties.

Urban Fare

As part of the Overwaitea food group, and Save-On-Foods chain stores, the Urban Fare is part of the More Rewards loyalty program. You can earn More Rewards points at any Urban Fare stores when you make a purchase with your rewards card.

Petro Canada

You can also link your More Rewards and Petro points cards to start earning reward points from both point programs. You earn 1 More Rewards point for every $1 spent on all eligible purchases at any participating Petro Canada locations, and an additional 10 petro points. Besides, you can convert 10,000 petro points for 2400 More Rewards points online, which you can redeem for free travel, groceries, electronics, and more on the More Rewards website.

More Rewards Insurance

With this, you earn 10x More Rewards points when you purchase insurance coverage. Besides, as a More Rewards cardholder, you earn a 10x rewards point that you can redeem for groceries, travels, gift vouchers, charitable donations, and other options.

PriceSmart Foods

A subsidiary of the Overwaitea Food Group, it also offers loyalty rewards points for customers. You accumulate rewards points that can be redeemed instantly for household items and in-store groceries. You also earn 10x More Rewards points for valuable rewards like travel, electronics, and more.

Panago Pizza

Earn More Rewards and loyalty points with your More Rewards card. You’ll earn 1 More Rewards point for every $1 spent on purchases.

More Rewards Travel

This is a service booking agency where you can earn more loyalty points on all your travel bookings that can be redeemed for travel and gift cards.


With your More Rewards card, you can earn lots of bonus on various items in the store. Also, you’ll earn lots of points from their weekly VIP coupon.

The Jim Pattison Auto Group

Whenever you visit any participating Jim Pattison auto group dealership, use your More Rewards card to earn points that you can redeem for groceries, gift cards, travel, charity donations, and more.

You’ll earn 1 More Rewards point for every $1 you spend at any participating dealerships, including Lexus, Hyundai, Volvo, Volkswagen, Subaru, Toyota, Audi, and dodge.

More Rewards Credit Card

The Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Card

Although this credit card for the More Rewards loyalty program was discontinued in august 2019 for new applications, the existing customers and cardholders can still earn More Rewards loyalty points whenever they use the card for purchases and payments.

With the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Card, you earn 6 rewards points for every $1 spent on purchases at More Rewards partners locations like Urban Fare, Save-On-Foods, and others.

There is no limit to the points you can make from your everyday purchases with this card. Other features and benefits of this credit card include:

  • 4 rewards points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases everywhere else.
  • Additional 1 rewards point for every $1 you spend when you use your More Rewards loyalty card at partner locations.
  • 99% interest rate on purchases.
  • 99% interest rate on cash advances, balance transfer, and scotia credit card cheques.
  • Additional supplementary cardholders with benefits.
  • Save up to 25% off base rates on car rentals when you pay with your Scotiabank More Rewards visa card.
  • Credit limit of $500
  • Annual fee of $0.00 (zero annual fees)
  • Minimum income requirement of $12,000 CDN
  • Redeem your More Rewards at grocery partners like Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare, and PriceSmart Foods. Points can also be redeemed for groceries, travels, gift cards, merchandise, and more.

More Rewards VIP Coupons

As a More Rewards loyalty cardholder, you can increase your earnings each week with the More Rewards VIP coupon.  You can maximize and earn extra More Rewards points with the weekly coupon offer for any purchase at PriceSmart Foods, Save-On-Foods, or Urban Fare locations.

How to Redeem Your More Rewards Points

There are multiple options to redeem your More Rewards loyalty points depending on your choice. The following are the various options available to redeem your points in the More Rewards loyalty program.

  1. Redeem for Travel: With More Rewards service travel agency, you can use your More Rewards points for any travel-related payments like hotel bookings, flights, vacations, and more. Each point you redeem with the More Rewards travels is worth 0.42 cents. Alternatively, you can redeem your points for a More Rewards travel gift certificate. With this, a $100 gift card will require about 25,000 More Rewards points.
  2. Redeem for Vancouver Canucks Tickets: You can redeem your More Rewards loyalty points for single lower-bowl tickets and a chance to see some Vancouver Canucks hockey games. Though the ticket is limited to a certain number of games, it is a good way to redeem points, especially for lovers of the Canucks. When you redeem your More Rewards points through the Vancouver Canucks tickets, each More Rewards points are worth 0.58 cents per point (CPP).
  3. Redeem on BC Ferries: More Rewards provides the chance to redeem your points in three different voucher options.
  • The first voucher which costs around 30,000 points is for an under height vehicle and the driver.
  • The second voucher costs 7200 points and is for an adult one-way fare.
  • The third voucher costs 7500 points plus $45, and it is meant for a one-way under height vehicle and driver.
  1. Redeem for Gift Cards: More Rewards offers a small collection of gift cards at a number of retail outlets. These gift cards vary in points and value, but generally have an average point value of about 0.25 CPP. In addition, you can also redeem your More Rewards points for travel gift cards. A $50 gift card for 27000 rewards points or 0.19 cents is available for you at either the Best Western Hotels or the Sandman Hotels.
  2. Redeem at Save-On-Foods: Your More Rewards points can be used to save money on grocery items at Save-On-Foods. There are various products on display that have discounts on them, as well as items you can completely pay for, with your More Rewards points. The value of your More Rewards points when used at Save-On-Foods store is 0.20 CPP.
  3. Redeem for Charitable Donations: You can further redeem your More Rewards points towards donations to a number of children’s hospitals and charitable organizations across western Canada. With a 1000 points donation at any Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare, or PriceSmart Foods location or store, the value of your reward points when used for donations is 0.20 CPP. All you need to do is inform the cashier at any of the Overwaitea stores that you would like to donate your More Rewards points, and a $2 donation for every 1000 points will be sent to the children’s hospital supported by the store in which you made the donation.

The following are the children’s hospitals supported by Save-On-Foods, PriceSmart Foods, and Urban Fare.

  • BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan.
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Final Thoughts

The More Rewards loyalty program is a good avenue for residents of western Canada to maximize the potentials and benefits of the program.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.