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The Financial Landscape in Canada

Which of the following do you have

What kind of investments is best to keep in a Tax-Free Savings Account?

How much should you contribute to a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)?

What kind of investments are ideal to keep inside an RRSP?

Is there any benefit to have a RRSP today?

Which of the following investments do you know about?

Which investment option requires the least time to manage, and yet has the most reward on average?

What is a reasonable amount to save/invest from your paycheck?

Which companies tend to make great investments over a long period of time?

When is the ideal time to purchase a life insurance policy?

What is the optimal way to use a credit card?

If your credit card debt is very high, what is the best option to explore first?

Is it bad to have a lot of credit cards?

Which of the following governments include a suite of grants & support programs that can be accessed on their main website?

I am looking to own a home in Canada, what government programs exist to support me in that process? (select all that apply).

Which is Better? Buying or Renting a House?

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