Our Beautiful World of Colours

This Picture Book Encourages Diversity and Anti-Racism Among Kids

Given the recent protests all around the world, children are beginning to ask questions! This inspired a trained educationist and black immigrant in Canada, Adanma George, to put together an easy guide and colourful book to help parents kick start the racism discussion with kids. In her words, “The fight against racism starts from the home”.

Her book “Our Beautiful World of Colours” Encourages Diversity and Anti-Racism among Kids.

Book Description Excerpt

We live in a world of many colours. Colours make the world beautiful. From the flowers in the fields to animals big and small, each has a unique colour and every colour is beautiful in its own way.

Like everything around us, we humans also have different colours. Some people are dark-skinned while other people are light-skinned. We have a lot in common despite our unique colours. We all laugh and cry. Overall, we feel very sad when the colour of our skin judges us. Our unique colours should be celebrated, not criticized.

Anti-racism picture book for kids

Our Beautiful World of Colours is an easy guide to help your child understand racial diversity. By showing how we have remarkably similar human experiences despite the colour of our skin. This book will help kids understand why no skin colour is superior to another. This book teaches racial equality and encourages kids to speak out against racism.

It’s not enough to wear anti-racism t-shirts or anti-racism hoodies, the journey to raising an anti-racist human starts with our kids!

Kids get to recite a “Colour Pledge” to help them remember always to treat every human equally and respectfully irrespective of their skin colour. If you’re looking for books for kids on diversity or books for kids on racism, this is a great read written not just for pleasure but to inspire anti-racist actions in kids.

Our Beautiful World of Colours is available at Amazon.

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