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7 Best TD Visa Cards in Canada

Toronto-Dominion (TD) bank is the second-largest financial institution in Canada, with several branches across the country. It provides a long list of financial products that include over a dozen personal and business credit cards. It is important to note that all TD credit cards are Visa cards that can be used globally, which gives it an advantage over American Express.

Selecting the best TD credit card depends on whether you desire to get cashback, travel, earn TD reward points, or save on interest. Some cardholders can get TD rewards from $0.0025 to $0.005, depending on how they decide to reclaim them. You can get the best value by reclaiming for travel through Expedia; Otherwise, you can reclaim to pay off tuition or student loans, for a statement credit, or a range of merchandise.  

Other benefits of TD credit cards include profitable cashback rates, travel advantages, and low-interest rates.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the 7 best TD Visa cards; select which provides the best value for you, depending on your requirements.

Note: The bank rates and product offerings in this review are subject to periodic change at the issuer’s discretion. For current rates, check with the provider.

1. Aeroplan Visa Infinite 

The new TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite maintains its position as one of the best airline credit cards. From its welcome bonus down to its insurance benefits, it is a card that provides value for everyone. 

Cardholders get a quite remarkable sign-up bonus that may deliver up to $800 in the first year alone, depending on the trip they book. First, there is a complete rebate of the first year annual fee for both the primary cardholder and one additional cardholder if you want to share the account with a loved one.

Thereafter, you get up to 10,000 bonus Aeroplan points when you make your first purchase. If you spend a minimum of $1500 on the card within your first 90 days, you’ll get an Air Canada Buddy Pass that gets you a companion ticket on Air Canada or any of the over two dozen Star Alliance partner airlines to anywhere in North America.

The credit card also earns you 1 or 1.5 Aeroplan points per dollar spent, which can be used for booking flights on Air Canada. It has an array of travel perks, including free first checked bags and preferred pricing when you book flights on points. 

The card boasts of a healthy suite of insurance benefits, covering hotel burglaries and auto rental losses. Also, there are many ways to increase your points and travel options even further with Aeroplan’s generous stopover policy.

Annual fee: $139 (rebated for the primary and a supplementary cardholder for the first year).

2. TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite, thanks to its flexibility, passes all the requirements of a great rewards credit card. The unique partnership between TD and Expedia makes it possible for cardholders to reclaim TD points on this card when they make payments on hotels and flights from almost every airline, hotel, and travel provider on the world’s largest travel websites.

When you purchase any form of travel from using the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite, you’ll get 9 TD points per dollar spent and 3 TD points per dollar for purchases not made through This translates to 4.5% and 1.5% in travel rewards, respectively. In comparison, other popular travel credit cards in Canada offer only 2% on travel.

TD reward points can be reclaimed on, where 200 TD points are worth $1. You can also reclaim points for travel for merchandise and gift cards, but this gives you less value for your points.

The TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite also offers other perks like travel insurance benefits, rental car benefits, and a discounted airport lounge access.

Annual fee: $120 (rebated for the first year).

3. TD CashBack Visa Infinite 

The TD CashBack Visa Infinite is arguably the best credit card for individuals and families that spend big on household purchases. It offers a juicy 3% cashback on gas, groceries, and recurring bill payments, and a 1% return on every other thing, making it one of the best-earning cashback cards in Canada.

The card comes with a splendid welcome bonus of 10% cashback on all your card purchases for the first 90 days up to a total of $2000 in spending, and that comes after the annual fee is rebated for the first year.

A special benefit of using this card is that it gives you the chance to reclaim your cashback anytime, as long as you have a minimum of $25. This gives it an obvious advantage over other cashback cards, which offer reimbursement on a fixed schedule – usually monthly or annually. 

The TD CashBack Visa Infinite comes with a $2 million travel medical emergency insurance for trips of up to 10 days. It also covers the cost of lost or delayed baggage. Other benefits include complimentary membership to the Deluxe TD Auto Club, insurance discounts for car rentals, and insurance for rental car collision and damage.

Annual fee: $120 (rebated for the first year).

4. TD CashBack Visa

If you’re looking for an objectively simple and reliable cashback card with an attractive plan, then the TD CashBack Visa is for you. It doesn’t require an annual fee or annual income requirement, which increases its accessibility and makes it a great option as a student credit card or for anyone who’s a credit card beginner.

When you make purchases on gas, groceries, and recurring bills with this card, you get a 1% cashback and 0.5% cash back on every other purchase. It is important to note that the TD CashBack Visa has relatively lean perks, and there are more lucrative alternatives out there if you’re after big dollar rewards.

But like other TD cards, you can always reclaim your cashback anytime, as long as you have a minimum of $25. With this card, you can also save on car rentals, and it offers a few extras beyond its primary functions.

The chief perk of the TD CashBack Visa is its ease of operation, making it a great option for beginners or those who want to build credit with little concern for rewards. It also comes with the added security of a notable financial institution.

Annual fee: $0.

5. TD Emerald Flex Rate Visa

With the TD Emerald Flex Rate Visa, you don’t get cash back or TD points, but it comes with low-interest rates on cash advances and outstanding balances. It also has a meager annual fee. The interest rates vary according to Canada’s prime rate and the cardholder’s credit score and financial situation. 

The credit card has standard card features, including fraud alerts, contactless payments, and zero-liability coverage. Cardholders also get car rental discounts and decide to purchase travel, medical, trip cancellation, and trip interruption insurance at reasonable rates.

Annual fee: $25.

6. TD Rewards Visa

The TD Rewards Visa is another TD credit card that does not require a minimum income requirement or an annual fee, making it easy to qualify for. Because it’s fee-free, it has only basic benefit and reward packages. However, it has some great features to provide value for the cardholder. 

With this card, you earn 3 TD reward points for every dollar you spend on online travel bookings via, 2 TD reward points per dollar spent on groceries, restaurant, and fast food purchases, and regularly recurring bill payments, up to a spend of $5,000 after which you’ll earn only 1 point per dollar spent. You also get 1 TD reward point per dollar on other purchases. 

There is a 9.99% promotional interest rate for purchases in the first 6 months, and new cardholders get 10,000 TD reward points when applying by May 30, 2021. Other benefits of this card include airport lounge discounts, car rental insurance and discounts, instant fraud alerts, 24/7 support, fraud protection, and contactless payments.

Annual fee: $0.

7. TD Platinum Travel Visa

The TD Platinum Travel Visa provides a convenient middle ground between the entry and premium levels. It has no minimum annual income requirement to apply, which greatly increases its accessibility. Cardholders earn TD reward points depending on how much they spend, with travel-related expenses bringing the most points and other purchases bringing less.

When purchasing from, you’ll earn 5 TD points per dollar spent, 3 TD points per dollar spent on groceries and regular bill payments (up to a total spend of $15,000 for each of them), and 2 points for every dollar spent on everything else.

You also get a welcome bonus of up to 40,000 TD reward points, 15,000 points when you make your first purchase, and 25,000 reward points when you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days. 

Other perks that come with the TD Platinum Travel Visa includes easy access to 1,200 VIP airport lounges globally, travel insurance, car rental insurance, fraud protection, and the ability to make cardless payments. 

Annual fee: $89 (rebated for the first year).


Q: Which is the best TD credit card?

A: Selecting the best TD credit card depends on whether you desire to get cashback, travel, earn TD reward points, or save on interest.

Q: How do I contact TD Visa?

A: You can reach out to TD through 1-800-983-8472.

Q: What credit score is needed for a TD card?

A: To get approved for the TD Bank Cash card, you need a credit score of at least 750.

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