Afterpay Canada Review 2022



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How would you feel to shop for items at your favourite retail store and split the payments for a later date without paying any interest? Sounds interesting right! There’s a convenient and legitimate way to shop and postdate payment for your purchases using a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service known as Afterpay.

As an informational and research blog, we came across Afterpay and took time to study how it works. Some platforms that offer loan services have plugged many unsuspecting Canadians into further debts with their hidden charges and undisclosed service conditions. Hence you mustn’t test the depth of a river with both feet.

Through research and customer reviews, we discovered that Afterpay services fully integrate into several online and physical retail stores across Canada. What makes the Afterpay platform unique from other fintech companies offering similar services, and how can an average Canadian benefit from its services?

What is Afterpay Canada?

Afterpay Canada is free to use Fintech Company that allows Canadian shoppers to buy items at participating merchants and pay in four installments over six weeks. The interest-free buy now and pay later company offers an installment payment program for its users to buy the things they genuinely crave and stay within their budget.

Afterpay started operation in Canada in August 2020 after a successful launch in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the United States. The company has over 64 thousand partnering online and in-store global retail outlets and a large customer base using its services.

How Does Afterpay Work?

Afterpay Canada provides a convenient and flexible payment system for online and in-store purchases at participating retail stores. Like other buy now pay later (BNPL) services in Canada, such as PayBright, Quadpay, or Sezzle, the Afterpay platform offers shoppers the chance to purchase items and split the purchases into interest-free installments.

With Afterpay, you can split your payment into four equal installments and pay them bi-weekly over six weeks. For instance, if you purchase items worth $220 and pay via Afterpay, you’d be required to pay only $55 at checkout, which is 25% of the total purchase value.

After that, you would pay an additional $55 on every two weeks’ payment date for the next six weeks to complete the total purchase value. The remaining installments usually come at no extra fee or interest charges.

Interestingly, you will have total access and ownership of your purchases immediately after the confirmation of the first installment.

To use Afterpay for your shopping, you have to sign up to the service to link your debit or credit card and verify your email, address, phone number, and more.

Company NameAfterpay Canada Limited
FoundedAugust 2020
IndustryFinancial Technology (Fintech)
ServiceBuy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
Parent CompanyAfterpay Limited (Australia)

Eligibility for Afterpay Canada

Afterpay Canada is designed as a payment channel for Canadian retailers and consumers alike. To sign up for the budgeting service, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and of the age of majority in your province or territory of residence.
  • Have a valid email address and mobile phone number.
  • Have a debit or credit card.
  • Have enough funds in your debit or credit card to cover the first payment of your order.

Is Afterpay Safe and Legit?

Though the Afterpay platform is relatively new in Canada, the payment service provider is well known to regular shoppers. The company encrypts your information with one of the highest data protection protocol to avoid third party interference or unauthorized access. As a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant service provider, Afterpay complies with data security guidelines.

It is not uncommon for this type of service provider to conduct a check on your credit score to verify your payment history and creditworthiness. Most loan and budgeting companies engage credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion for such services. As a result, they can report you to the credit bureau if you default in payments, which usually affect credit ratings.

However, unlike its counterpart in the United States, Afterpay Canada does not conduct any credit check on your credit score before you can get approved, neither does it impose any fees for late payments.

How to Use Afterpay Canada for Purchases

Using the pay later service of Afterpay Canada for your purchases is a straightforward process. Usually, you’re required to sign up with the company with your email address, mail address, mobile phone number, and debit or credit card linked to your savings or chequing account. Interestingly, Afterpay Canada doesn’t conduct credit checks on your credit score before you can use their services.

With the Afterpay Canada’s buy now, pay later service, you’re given a modest credit limit to spend on your purchases. This amount may increase over time when you pay off your installments online.

You can use the Afterpay Canada budgeting service through the following steps:

Step 1: Shop for the things you love at your favourite participating retail stores. Afterpay lets you shop at stores that you would typically consider expensive.

Step 2: During checkout, choose Afterpay as your preferred payment option.

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to sign up in a quick and straightforward process using your email, phone number, and other required information.

Step 4: When you create an account with Afterpay and get approval for your purchases, you can then complete your purchases with the first installment.

Step 5: You’ll get a reminder ahead of every due date (bi-weekly payment of six weeks) for your interest-free installments.

Afterpay Canada Participating Retail Stores

Afterpay Canada offers a transparent solution to Canadian shoppers with its no interest, no credit check, and no hidden fees payment services. When a customer shops at retail stores, the merchant gets paid the full amount upfront at no additional fees.

This service has endeared about 64,000 retail stores to the platform. These include categories of brands in jewelry and accessories, sports and outdoor, fitness and wellness, fashion, and more.

Here are some of the stores that accept Afterpay in Canada:

  • Roots
  • UGG
  • Aritzia
  • Province of Canada
  • Boathouse
  • American Eagle
  • Revival Apparel
  • Ardene
  • Boutique 11: 11
  • Viacchi
  • Label Source
  • The Clothing Vault
  • Herschel Supply Co.
  • Fragrancex
  • Huda Beauty
  • Clarins
  • Dermalogica
  • LUSH
  • Oak + Fort
  • Yoins
  • Native Shoes
  • John Fluevog Shoes
  • Livify
  • Hewz
  • La Monarch
  • The Drive Skateshop
  • Anian MFG
  • RYU
  • Bather
  • Fit Affinity
  • Underground Clothing
  • Skre Canada
  • Kyodan, etc.


  • The platform has an interest and fee-free terms.
  • It allows you to split your purchases into four convenient installments.
  • It is suitable for immediate and quick purchases.
  • It has good integration with online and in-store purchases.
  • It’s a suitable alternative to a credit card.
  • It helps you budget your spending and split payments.
  • There’s no fee for late payments.
  • The company reminds you ahead of the payment date to avoid missing payments.


  • Late payment blocks you from additional purchases.
  • Non-payment of installments on time can affect your credit history and your credit stand with the company.
  • New customers are prohibited from large purchases due to low spending limits.
  • It encourages impulse spending, which accumulates debts.

Afterpay Canada Customer Service

You can direct your questions and feedback to the customer service of Afterpay Canada via:


Phone: 1-833-386-0210

Direct Message: On-screen “Get in Touch” form.

Ease of Use

Afterpay Canada recently, as part of its expansion program, extended its platform to Québec. As a result, the buy now, pay later platform is available in English and French languages. The platform is easy to navigate and equipped with helpful resources for merchants and retailers.

Editor’s Review

Afterpay Canada provides a fair way to pay for your purchases, especially if you don’t have enough funds for immediate payment. You should use this service for essential items or at stores that typically appear expensive to afford.

However, you should note that six weeks for the remaining three installments is such a short time. Late or non-payment as at when due puts your credit ratings at risk. It will be best if you spend your money in line with your budget and earnings.


Does Afterpay affect your credit?

Unlike other budgeting services, Afterpay does conduct a credit check on your credit score and does not affect your credit rating, even if you pay late. You can make your payments on time ahead of the payment due date, free of charge.

How do I get approved for Afterpay?

The criteria for Afterpay approval is that you must be 18 years old and have a valid credit or debit card linked to your bank account, email, and phone number.

Can you use Afterpay on Amazon?

No. Amazon is not yet listed as one of the companies accepting Afterpay Canada as a payment option.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.