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Streaming in Canada has been made easy with several streaming services available. The cost per streaming service in Canada depends on the service provider. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube Premium, FuboTV, Apple TV+, etc. are legal as they have paid for the right to share digital media. 

Streaming Services in Canada

It can get boring watching the same old thing on tv daily. With the likes of Netflix, there is a variety of entertainment to choose from. As with paid streaming services, there are also channels you can stream for free.

Streaming Services in Canada has been made easy with a wide range of choices viewers can pick from. Some of the Streaming Services in Canada are:

  • Netflix 

Netflix appeals to a vast range of audience. Depending on your area of interest, Netflix provides all-round entertainment, documentaries, comedies, cartoon, etc. Prominent for producing original content, Netflix currently tops the chart for streaming providers in Canada.

The subscription package varies per number of viewers. Generally, 1-4 people can stream on Netflix depending on your subscription package. Netflix has three monthly plan, subscription ranges from 9.99 CAD a month to 16.99 CAD a month. 

The latter price comes with an Ultra HD feature and the ability to stream four different programs on four different streams simultaneously. Netflix can be streamed on almost all smart devices.

  • Crave TV

This Canadian owned streaming service is brought together by Bell Media, Crave TV is an alternative to Netflix. Newer movies either end up in Netflix or Crave TV. When it comes to having blockbuster movies, Crave TV has an edge over Netflix in Canada. Crave TV offers different subscription packages that include access to HBO programming and its back catalogue of shows.

This streaming provider also has a wide range of Canadian content which is a plus. Subscription cost an average of 9.99 CAD monthly to access movies, Crave TV originals and showtime content. 

For users who want to stream HBO, subscription to that plan is additional 9.99CAD, 5.99 CAD extra for Starz and another 9.99CAD for Quebecois content and everything in French.

You can stream Crave TV on Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Windows phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire, Xbox One, Chromecast, iPhone and iPad and web browser.

  • YouTube Premium

If you are a fan of YouTube, then YouTube Premium is for you. This offer exclusive access to original contents. Subscribers can download videos to watch offline, every content in this premium version comes AD-free. YouTube premium offers exclusive contents from major content creators. It is great for streaming concerts.

A premium subscription cost 11.99 CAD, while a family membership costs 17.99 CAD monthly. An average of six family members in the same household can use family membership. 

After signing up, you get a one-month free trial to access all content and see if it’s something you can pay for. YouTube Premium can be streamed on the web, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, streaming media players, smartphones and tablets.

  • Hayu

This is for those into reality TV. Hayu provides wide-ranging shows from cooking shows, dating, lifestyle, true crime, etc. It is available on smartphones and TVs, computers and set-top boxes. Subscription cost 5.99 monthly and the first month is free.

  • Disney+

If you are looking for a streaming service you and your children can binge on, this is for you. Disney+ is the perfect babysitter. Subscription is between 8.99 CAD monthly and 89.99 CAD yearly. You can stream both old and new Disney movies, Marvel, National Geographic, Old and new Star Wars and Pixar.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Liken to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of original shows. It is prominent for showing classics you might not be able to stream on other streaming channels.

Amazon Prime Membership cost 79 CAD yearly and this gives subscribers premium access to all contents. Non-members will have to pay 5.99 monthly to access Amazon Prime Video. With your subscription, you can stream on three devices. There is also a one-month free trial.

You can stream Amazon Prime Video on Smart TVs, smart devices, Blu-Ray players, media players, games consoles and set-top boxes.

  • CBC Gem 

Launched 2 years ago, CBC Gem offers subscribers great Canadian content including all the shows, documentaries, movies, etc. that are available on CBC TV. CBC Gem has a twist to its service, international contents are made available for users. Currently, there are three service levels available and two of these services are free.

CBC Gem’s basic plan is completely free, but contents are showed with ADs. For premium membership of 4.99 CAD monthly, subscribers can have access to all shows without ADs.

CBC Gem is available on all smart gadgets, google Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

  • Criterion Channel

This is a streaming service provided by Criterion Collection. If you are a Movie freak, this service is for you. Their library is filled with a wide range of modern and classic movies from way back to the 1970s.

Subscription for this service cost 10.99 CAD monthly and 99.99 CAD annually. Criterion collection offers a 14-day free trial to allow prospective subscribers to test their service.

  • BritBox

Launched 2 years ago and co-created by BBC Studies, BritBox is one of the streaming providers that offers subscribers access to the largest collection of British television available. BritBox cost 8.99 CAD monthly with a seven days free trial.

BritBox can be streamed on all smart gadgets, web, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and Samsung smart TVs.

  • Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is famous for featuring inky original content. They never repeat movies or do re-runs of hit shows. Every one of their contents is new. So, if you’re tired of seeing repeated movies, this is for you. 

You can subscribe for just 5.99 CAD a month, and an average of six family members can share on your subscription. There is a seven-day free trial window.

You can stream on Apple TV Plus on all Apple devices, new edition Samsung TVs, Roku and Amazon Fire devices, Safari, Chrome web browsers and Firefox.

  • Kanopy

This streaming provider offers what they term “thoughtful entertainment” to their subscribers. Kanopy is filled with rich content like undiscovered indie gems, documentaries, art-house hits, etc.

This service is free, anybody in Canada can have access to Kanopy as long as they have a membership to a library that’s in partnership with Kanopy. If you are registered with the Toronto Public Library System, for instance, you will get free access to a half-dozen films monthly. Free access is also granted to university students and faculty.

  • Highball TV

Highball TV brings infamous movie titles from the film-festival circuit to viewers. They display these movies to subscribers after carefully selecting them. It cost an average of 7 CAD monthly and 70 CAD yearly to enjoy this service.

  • Shudder

If you love horror movies and nothing scares you, shudder is your go-to provider. Shudder provides horror-centric entertainment that cost 5.99 CAD monthly and 56.99 CAD yearly.

Other streaming services in Canada include:

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.