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One-year certificate programs that pay well in Canada are abundant. However, only about 9% of people complete their online certification courses. But they’re still very beneficial.

Finding a job might seem daunting and tiring for some people. However, some tools can simplify your job hunt, and getting a certification is one of them. In Canada, some jobs require certification as proof of competency and knowledge of the job. 

With the wide range of certification programs available, you can get a certificate in a short period and become more eligible for your desired job. This article will be recommending ten programs you can get a year certification from that pays well in Canada.

Certification Programs in Canada

There are different certificate programs you can apply for depending on whether you are seeking a job for the first time or you already have a job. Most people enroll in these certification programs to boost their resumes and better their dream job chances. The good thing is some of these certificate programs can be completed in a year. 

Getting certifications in your career gives you an edge over your colleagues and will most likely put you in a higher pay range. Also, some certificates position you for unique designations that make you more recognized and revered in your field.

There are 1-year certificate programs in different careers in sectors like IT, healthcare, trades, business, etc., that pay well in Canada. Moreover, some of these certifications require experience and degrees, while some don’t. 

Most importantly, these programs vary regarding their mode of delivery; while some you will have to take online or physically, others require both delivery methods.

Top 1 Year Certificate Programs That Pay Well in Canada

Below is the list of our top ten 1-year certificate programs selected from different sectors that pay well in Canada.

1. Dental Assistant Certification

It is a well-established fact that the healthcare sector in Canada is one of the highest-paid sectors. Although most careers in this field require medical school degrees and years of residency alongside tons of exams, you only need a one-year certificate program to become a dental assistant in Canada.

However, during your certification program, you will learn the basics of dental lab duties and taking care of patients that need oral care. Moreover, once you complete your training, you will take an exam to certify you as a Dental Assitant by the National Dental Assisting Examining Board. The average cost of a one-year dental assisting certification course is CA$10,700.

To work in all provinces in Canada except Quebec, you will need this certification. The annual pay of a dental assistant in Canada ranges from CA$48,000 – CA$70,000.

2. Web Designer Certification

With the increasing demand for digitization of products and services, it is no surprise that web designers earn pretty well in Canada. Well, if you have a thing for computers and you are tech-savvy, you might want to consider a career in web designing.

Luckily, you do not require prior experience to become a web designer. With a one-year certificate program, you can learn the unique skills you need to get you on track. The average cost of a one-year web designing certification course is between CA$5,000 – CA$10,000.

In addition, you can take a sizeable number of courses on web designing online at your convenience. On average, a web designer in Canada earns between CA$60,000 – CA$100,000 yearly.

3. Human Resources Manager Certification

Human resources management is an in-demand skill for business professionals with degrees (at least a bachelor’s degree) and experience (minimum of 3 years).

So, taking a one-year program in human resources will earn you a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. The average cost of a one-year human resource management certification course is CA$12,300.

Consequently, this designation certainly attracts recognition and more earnings if you possess it. Besides, human resources managers earn between CA$80,000 – CA$150,000 annually in Canada.

4. Plumber Certification

The thing about becoming a plumber in Canada, as with other trades, is that you must pass through stages to get your license. These stages include a pre-apprenticeship stage and an apprenticeship stage that an employer usually sponsors.

The apprenticeship stage takes time. But after the training, you will be certified to work as a journeyman in the trade. The average cost of a one-year plumbing certification course is between $4006.00 – $15940.00. Nonetheless, you could take out an apprenticeship loan to fund your education.

Nonetheless, you can complete a pre-apprenticeship program in a year to arm yourself with the basic knowledge and skills to get a sponsoring employer for the apprenticeship stage. Eventually, you can own your own contracting business. Plumbers in Canada earn between CA$65,000 – CA$85,000 per year.

5. Business Analyst Certification

You can become a certified business analyst in Canada, whether as a rookie or a professional. There are different levels of certification depending on your level of experience. 

However, while you may not need experience, you need a degree in business or other related fields. Meanwhile, you can get your certificate, whether Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) or IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), through the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Organizations in Canada sometimes offer to cover the cost of training for their employees. However, the average cost of getting these certifications is between CA9,400 – CA44,000. For example, as a business analyst in Canada, you can earn between CA$80,000 – CA$120,000 annually.

6. Event Planner Certification

As an event planner, you need a creative eye and organizational skills to excel in this line of work. Fortunately, you do not need a degree or experience to become an event planner in Canada.

However, you can take a short-term program in one year and make your way to the top by organizing events of all types and sizes. Some of these courses include: Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP), Certified Meeting Professional certification from the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and the Certified Meeting Planner program from Meeting Planners International (MPI).

And the average cost of these courses is CA$2,200. While the typical annual earnings of event planners in Canada range from CA$50,000 – CA$80,000.

7. Flight Attendant Certification

Although being a flight attendant has its risks, the adventure of travelling across and the pay makes up for it. However, you can take a one-year program to learn the basics of safety management in aircraft, customer service, emergency evacuations, handling situations, and many more.

Moreover, airlines have specific training courses for flight attendants after employment; nonetheless, getting a certificate beforehand will provide you with the necessary basic skills. Some of the courses you can take include: Flight Attendant Diploma, Hospitality & Resort Business Management Diploma + Co-Op, Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma + Co-Op, etc.

The average cost of getting these courses is between CA$7,674 – CA$23,225. Flight attendants earn between CA$40,000 – CA$80,000 yearly, and there is room to receive higher pay.

8. Interpreter and Translator Certifications

To become an interpreter/translator, you need to be bilingual or multilingual to undergo training programs. In addition, you must possess a university degree. You can take the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) national certification exam.

However, you can take a one-year program to learn how to take notes, paraphrase and be more concise and accurate with simultaneous translations and interpretations. Some of the courses include Translation, Court Interpretation, Medical Interpretation, Community Interpretation, Conference Interpretation, Terminology, etc.

After that, you can work in any sector as long as they require your service. These courses come with an application fee, which average is CA$200. With a certificate in any of the courses mentioned above, you can earn between CA$50,000- CA$85,000 yearly as a translator and interpreter.

9. Electrician Certification

Being an electrician is another trade job that requires technical skills and, in some cases, a degree. If you do not have a degree, you will need to undergo the process described in the plumber section to get a Foundation Electrician Program certification. The average cost of getting this certification is CA$4,800.

Different one-year programs will teach you advanced skills that will boost your competence and earnings in this field. Electricians in Canada earn between CA$65,000 – CA$90,000 annually.

10. Information Security Analyst Certification

As the world increases in digitization, so does cybercrime, hence the surge in demand for cybersecurity. You can become an information security specialist by taking a one-year program and get certified. 

Although the most prominent is the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), different certification programs are available. The average cost of getting this certification is CA$14,495. While the annual earnings of information security analysts range from CA$80,000 – CA$120,000.

Alternative One-Year Certificate Programs

Other one-year certificate programs that pay well in Canada include;

  • Makeup artistry
  • Computer animation
  • Emergency Dispatch 
  • Payroll clerk
  • Crane Operation 
  • Software Development 
  • Coding Specialist
  • Caregiver
  • Cloud engineer
  • Massage therapist
  • Music producer
  • Medical scribe
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Personal Fitness Trainer


In conclusion, after deciding which program is best for you, the next step to getting your certification. Apply to the right school or center through the medium that best suits you (online or physical classes).

Above all, one certificate may not cut it as there are discoveries in all fields and professions. As a result, it is advisable to constantly upgrade your knowledge and skills to excel and earn more in your desired career.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.