What is CPC/SCP Charge on Credit Card?

Almost everybody at some time or other will need to use postal services. Canadians demand reliable postal service, whether sending packages at Christmas, a postcard or a birthday card to your favorite nephew. When you pay for your postal services at Canada Post, you might notice on your statements that it says CPC/SCP, but what does CPC/SCP stand for?

This article will discuss what CPC/SCP stands for, what kind of responsibilities they have, and how merchant codes are assigned in Canada.

What is CPC/SCP?

CPC/SCP stands for Canada Post Corporation/Société Canadienne des Postes. CPC/SCP is the merchant category code (MCC) assigned to Canada Post as a retailer or service provider.

Canada Post Corporation is the leading postal service provider in the country. It is a government body and became the first government postal department of Canada back in 1867. The organization covers both commercial and public policy areas of business. 

If you are making any transaction from Canada Post through a credit card, the statement will show the transaction with the CPC/SCP abbreviation. Each retailer will have its own MCC assigned to them.

What kind of responsibility does the CPC/SCP have?

The most prominent responsibility CPC/SCP has is to provide legitimate and standard mail services to the country. With over 6,200 retail post offices, Canada Post is dedicated to serving the citizens and corporations of Canada. This service allows people to send and receive mails inside and outside of the country.

The organization does not only transfer inbound and outbound mail but has other areas of business. Major work areas of Canada Post are transaction mail service, international and domestic parcel service, direct marketing, e-commerce, and post office banking service.

Along with all these work activities, Canada Post strives to help new or small business owners thrive for success and growth. For example, CPC/SCP assists small businesses with their promotional activities by offering direct marketing services and e-commerce stores.

How are Merchant Codes assigned to merchants?

A merchant category code (MCC) is a specific four-digit number provided by credit card companies to merchants to track the transactions. It also gets listed with the International Organization of Standardization (IOS) to manage retail financial assistance. 

The card companies either allot the merchant code based on business type or the primary line of business when the business starts accepting a particular credit card service. For example, there will be one specific code for all the grocery stores in general, one for all gas stations, and one for all pharmacies.

However, merchant codes can differ for the same business type according to the credit card companies. Merchants with similar nature or line of services can be classified with different codes under various credit card provider companies.

Bottom Line

Overall, the CPC/SCP or Canada Post Corporation/Société Canadienne des Postes has a legal obligation to provide standard postal services to citizens across Canada. CPC/SCP has provided Canada with these services for over 100 years, and they are still a vital way to distribute information in today’s world.

So whether it’s mailing off a University Application package or receiving a postcard from your Grandma, we all rely on postal services to stay connected and grow.

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  • Maryke Dykhuizen

    (8th July 2021 - 2:50 am)

    I have a charge on my credit card that says CPC/SCP 547530 ans would like to know what this is for

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