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What is Line 10100 on Tax Return in Canada?

With Tax Season rolling in, you may be thinking about saving yourself a few dollars and doing your own tax return. But to the untrained eye, filling out tax returns can be stressful and complicated. Luckily, we’re here to help. And we’re starting with the question, “What is Line 10100 on my Tax Return?”

What is Line 10100 on Tax Return?

In its simplest form, line 10100 is where you place your employment income. Mainly, this includes your salary, wages, and commissions, but it can also include things like “bonuses, tips, gratuities, and honoraria”.

When you have an employer (or employers), they will provide you with a T4 slip during tax season. This slip will state your income to place into line 10100 on your tax return.

If you have not received a T4 slip from your employer, you may want to speak to them directly. All employers are required to submit T4 slips to their employees by the end of February.

What if My T4 is wrong?

If you suspect that the T4 form provided by your employer is incorrect, you’ll want to contact them immediately. If your taxes are due and you are just noticing the error, the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) will ask you to estimate your income. You can later file to amend your taxes once your T4 has been corrected.

Where do I find Line 10100 on my Tax Return?

You can find Line 10100 on the second page of your T1 General Form, in Step 2. It’s listed in the section labelled “total income”.

Is Line 10100 the same as Line 101?

Yes. As of 2020, tax forms have been revised. Several different revisions have been made, one of them is related to the numbers and lines. Lines that used to contain only 3-4 digits now contain 5 digits. Line 101, for example, has now been changed to Line 10100.

Is my Employment Income the same as my Total Income?

No. Your Employment Income is your income from your job or career, as provided by your employer. Your total income includes everything that you have earned within that year, from your employer and other sources.

Your employment income is found on line 10100, while your total income will be found on line 15000.

What’s the difference between Line 10100 and Line 10400?

While Line 10100 includes income from your employer, Line 10400 includes all other income. This includes income that is not on your T4 slip. This can include things like research grants, housing allowance, wage-loss replacements, foreign employment income, rebates, and royalties.

In summary, Line 10100 is your employment income. This is where you will place the amount provided by your employer on your T4 form. If you have not received your T4 form, or you suspect that your form is incorrect, contact your employer immediately with your concerns to avoid missing deadlines.

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