Monetary gift for Canadian weddings

How Much Money to Gift at a Wedding

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has had to adapt to the new ways of doing things. All spheres of life have been affected by this change, and weddings are no exception.

Unlike the conventional wedding ceremonies we are all used to, we’ve had to attend most weddings these days via zoom. Yes, most people have had to hold their wedding ceremonies online due to the COVID-19 social distancing rule.

So in place of the traditionally wrapped gifts, most people have resorted to monetary gifts for couples, and Canadian weddings are no exception.

Aside from COVID-19 playing a considerable influence on this trend, it might also be because most couples live together before deciding to have a wedding and might already have all the things they need in the house.

If you have weddings to attend on your calendar and wonder how much money you should gift at the weddings, then read on.

Weddings in Canada

Every country has their unique way of hosting a wedding ceremony; Canada is no exception. Once a Canadian couple decides to go ahead with a wedding after the engagement, planning a wedding is the next course of action.

Planning a Canadian wedding takes time; on average, couples take about 14 months to bring to life their celebrations. This is because most Canadian prefer larger events with an average guest lime of 150 and above.

A typical Canadian wedding costs an average of CA$29,450. Weather plays a significant role when picking a wedding date in Canada. Most Canadian couples go for any date in September as the weather is usually great around that period.

Wedding gifts are essential in a Canadian wedding as they help the newly married couple kickstart their life with a fully stocked home. Wedding gifts can range from home décor to furnishing, kitchen utensils, toiletries, even monetary gift is acceptable.

How Much Should you Gift at a Wedding in Canada?

The truth is there is no ideal amount to gift as a wedding gift. This is because of individual differences in terms of financial capabilities. Also, depending on how close you are to the couple, the amount you gift may be more or less. There are other factors to consider, such as:

  • The wedding location

 If it is a destination wedding, giving a lesser amount might be ideal if you consider the cost of travelling, possible costs of accommodation and feeding. However, if it is a local wedding and you don’t have to travel, you can give out a larger sum depending on your financial buoyancy.

  • If you will be going to the wedding with children or with a date

Ideally, you will cover the cost of your child’s or children’s plate if children are allowed at the wedding. The number of guests per family is usually indicated on the invitation card.

So, let’s say you initially want to give a sum of CA$100; you can throw in an extra CA$50 to cover the cost of your child’s plate. The same applies to your date. Your date is not obliged to take a gift to the wedding except they offer to do so. Covering your date’s plate is your responsibility.

  • The wedding cost

This may or may not be a serious factor, but most people like to consider the wedding cost when they gift money to couples at the wedding.

If you also want to consider this, then depending on how much it costs to have the wedding, your monetary gift may be a sizeable amount or a lesser amount.

While you may consider this, you should know that it is not your responsibility to shoulder the cost of a wedding you are invited to.

On average, most Canadians believe that the ideal amount to be given at a wedding ranges from CA$100 – CA$200. Also, bear in mind that you will take a gift and each event if you are attending both the engagement party and the wedding. A minimum sum of CA$50 or at most CA$100 would be ideal for the engagement party.

Monetary gifts are usually presented in wedding gift cards, cash, envelopes, but if the couple is comfortable with e-transfer, you can send the money via the transfer. Generally, giving the couple the money in an envelope is ideal.


There is no right amount or exact amount to be gifted at a wedding. It all depends on your finances and the other factors discussed above. Don’t be under duress to give more than what you can afford.

If you plan to have a wedding soon, please note that demanding monetary gifts from your guests could ruin your image and relationships.  Your guests can congratulate you in any way they choose to. And if they decide to give you a monetary gift, no matter how little it is, appreciate it.

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