Cost of Shipping Container Homes in Canada

As humans, we are always looking to implement new ideas and develop new designs and technologies. For millennia, human beings have experimented with different building designs that range from tiny homes to skyscrapers. Currently, people are using shipping containers to build beautiful homes. In Canada, the shipping container home industry is growing at a breakneck speed.

The weather-resistant, affordable, and durable shipping container houses are in higher demand in Canada than ever before. If designed and maintained correctly, these shipping container houses are an ideal solution for small house living. This article will explore the cost of shipping container homes in Canada, where you can buy them, and the pros and cons of shipping container homes.

Cost of shipping container homes in Canada

So the critical question is, what is the cost of shipping container homes in Canada? The answer is simple: there is no fixed price for shipping container homes. The price of these homes depends on the size, design, and type of containers used.

People who are using one or more containers to build ultra-luxurious and customized homes will spend more.  In Canada, the price of a shipping container home could range anywhere from $48,000 CAD to $250,000+ CAD or $200-250 per square foot.

More specifically, the overall cost of a shipping container house will depend on factors such as the number of containers used, design budgets (interior and exterior), electrical, plumbing, and other construction costs, and the cost of land (rented or owned) where the house is built. 

In brief, there are no fixed prices for shipping container homes in Canada, and they can be a way to save some money on building a house or go all out.

Where can you buy shipping container homes in Canada?

Some companies offering custom-built shipping container homes in Canada are Giant Containers, Mountain View Industries Ltd., Kenmont Terminal Inc., Container House Ontario,  Highcube container homes, Lanefab Design, and Dwell Containers Canada. These are the topmost trusted and reliable providers of shipping container homes in Canada.

Each of these companies have expertise and proficiencies in certain areas. For example, Giant Containers are known for their custom layouts, while Kenmont Terminal Inc. is famous for its weather-resistant homes.

Container House Ontario is renowned for its design and construction expertise, and Dwell Containers Canada is known for its eco-friendly structures. Like all home building options, there are some pros and cons you should be aware of.

What are the advantages of shipping container homes?

Little or No Mortgage

One of the biggest advantages in terms of buying a shipping container home is that you are not weighed down by a hefty traditional mortgage. No mortgage means your money is freed up to spend it how you want it, rather than having to save each month to make a mortgage payment.

Prefab Shipping Container Homes

Most shipping container homes are available in pre-fabricated modules making it quick and convenient for the buyer. The majority of companies who offer shipping container houses promise to deliver the complete home within ten weeks. Even if you are designing the rest yourself, the container gives you a prebuilt structure that saves time and energy.

Simple to move and set in place

These shipping container homes are very straightforward and easy to move and there are many services available to do so. Moreover, the containers do not take up much space, so they are cheaper to transport.


The best part of a shipping container house is that it is made from recycled materials; hence, it is environmentally friendly. For those in Canada concerned about the environment, a shipping container home is an ideal solution to build more eco-friendly communities.

What are the disadvantages of shipping container homes?

Structural Issues

From a structural perspective, the corners and sides of the containers are very strong; however, the container’s roof is weak. Therefore, an extra layer will need to be added to reinforce the roof and make it solid and durable.

Safety concerns

Most of the containers used for making homes are “out-of-service” containers in the world, and one doesn’t know what was shipped in those containers. If the containers were used to ship hazardous chemicals, then it is not safe at all. Similarly, there have been concerns about certain dyes and paints from the containers being toxic.   

Space Issue

The restrictive size of the individual containers has many saying they are too small even with multiple containers. Since the space in these homes is so limited, it can be quickly consumed but would be a good option for people looking to downsize.

Overall, shipping container homes are a new phenomenon all over the world. These houses are recognized for their durability, affordability, and eco-friendly nature. Ultimately, the price of shipping container homes in Canada will depend on many factors, including size, design, construction and labour costs, and personal budget

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