Shop Pay in Canada

What is Shop Pay? Uses and Safety in Canada

There are tons of payment channels one can use to initiate and authorize online payment in Canada. Shopping online has become easier for Shopify users due to the rollout of Shop Pay. With Shop pay, the checkout process is swift and easy. Shop Pay lets you carry out credit card payments on Shopify.

What is Shop Pay?

Also referred to as Shopify Pay, Shop Pay is a payment solution offered by Shopify to simplify payment for its users. It features a tool that helps organizations process payment with ease.

This payment system is designed to streamline and fast track user’s checkout, giving customers a better experience. It utilizes a verification code system that ensures that only the account holder can check out using Shop Pay.

Shop Pay is safe and secure as user’s details are encrypted and stored on Shopify’s PCI-compliant servers. Users can store their data like email address, credit card information, and other payment information to make future transactions check out easy as you will not have to re-input them when checking out.

This can save you time at checkout, especially if you have previously signed up for Shopify’s Shop Pay service. To check out, customers need only to input their email address to have access to Shopify Payments. Users do not require technical knowledge to access Shop Pay as the system will manage all payment security aspects on your behalf.

Features of Shop Pay in Canada

  • Great interface
  • Opt-in texting
  • Excellent design, UX, and UI
  • Security authentication
  • Seamless purchasing process
  • Swift checkout
  • “Remember Me” feature
  • Data protection
  • SMS authentication code
  • Local pick up and delivery

How Shop Pay Works in Canada

Using Shop Pay is easy; to begin the process,

  • Click on Shopify
  • Set your default language to English
  • Enter all of the shipping details
  • Input payment cards and details

Once you have entered all details, you can save the account you wish to be linked to your Shop Pay, and you are set to start using the system. The system will save your information in your Shopify account, so you don’t have to enter it again. You can always disable and enable your accounts.

Once your account is set, and you initiate a checkout, you will receive a 6-digit verification code after submitting your account credentials. This 6-digit number will allow you to authorize the purchase securely.

When you place an order, your shipping and billing information is securely saved on Shopify’s PCI-compliant servers and exchanged with the store.

Please visit the Shop Pay Help Center if you have any questions about how Shop Pay works or how your data is handled. If you wish to alter your Shop Pay account information, they must first check in to Shop Pay using their current registered email address. Customers can unsubscribe from Shop Pay at any time.

Enabling Shop Pay

To activate shop pay, follow the instructions below:

  • From your Shopify homepage, go to settings
  • Click on payments.
  • On the Shopify payment section, click on manage.
  • The manage page will take you to an accelerated checkout section; click on Shop Pay.
  • Click Save.

Your Shop Pay is now ready for use; you may now use it to make purchases at the store.

Disabling Shop Pay

To disable Shop Pay, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to settings 
  • Click on payment
  • From the payment section, click on manage
  • The manage page will take you to an accelerated checkout section, uncheck Shop Pay.
  • Click on save.

Pros of Shop Pay

  • Seamless integration

All processing and authentication happen on your Shopify dashboard. You do not need to use an external site to access your funds.

  • No transaction fees

You do not incur any transaction fee while using Shop Pay. This is a marketing strategy the Shopify team is deploring to attract more users.

  • Third-party payment

Shop Pay allows users to make payments from sources other than Shopify, such as PayPal.

  • Time-Efficient

With its unique user interface, processing payment using Shop Pay is swift. The system synced your data with your permission if you are a returning customer. All you need to do is enable Shop Pay and save your time to enable and disable payment options manually.

Cons of Shop Pay

  • Strict Terms and Condition

Users must adhere to the product’s terms and conditions, which include no nudity, among other things. Shopify has also been known to alter its minds on particular stores without warning.

  • Chargeback Fee

According to Shopify, they are charged CA$15 for each chargeback. And you are the one who is to pay.

  • Fund Blocking

Funds can be blocked unexpectedly: while they examine chargeback problems or questionable account behavior, funds are frozen. In the Shopify forums, several users have expressed their dissatisfaction.


Shop Pay comes with unique features to enable swift and easy check out. It does not only save time, but it also includes features like local pickup and delivery. Customers and businesses can also be assured that their information is safe and secured.

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