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How To Sell Bitcoin in Canada

Trading on Bitcoin in Canada is great especially because there are limited regulatory procedures to bitcoin transactions and there are many options to execute the transactions.  Challenges associated with Bitcoin investment in Canada include a rigorous KYC process and the foreign headquartered exchanges find it difficult to offer their services within Canada. Moreover, Canada has …

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10 Best Bitcoin Wallets in Canada 2022

Bitcoin Wallets for Canadians: 10 Options to Consider

Bitcoin wallets are secured computer programs developed to store bitcoin. Some bitcoin wallets allow for the storage of several other cryptocurrencies. Along with the coronavirus, another news that dominated the world over the last year is the astronomic rise of Bitcoin. Asides from being an easier, faster, and secure means of payment, Bitcoin has shown …

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that investors can buy, sell and exchange directly, without having to involve a middleman as with traditional banking. In 2009, a new currency entered the global financial sector to revolutionize payments and wealth control. This new financial system is known as Bitcoin. As a leading global cryptocurrency, the virtual coin has …

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