What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket in Canada?

Sometimes you are in a rush to get somewhere and do not stop to see the ‘no parking’ sign in broad light. Next thing you know, you come back to a parking ticket laying mockingly on your windshield – a reminder of your earlier inattention. A thought runs through your head ‘will anyone actually miss the fact you haven’t paid the ticket?’ Does someone even follow up? Here’s the scoop on what really happens when you miss paying your parking ticket violation in Canada.

If I don’t pay my parking ticket, what happens next?

You will be given some time to pay your fine and depending on your city of residence that time can vary. In Ontario, you will have 15 days to pay your fine or you will receive a reminder by mail.

Failure to act can result in your information and parking violation being sent to the Ministry of Transportation. Your information will be on their record and can result in barring you from renewing your driver’s license or retrieving your plate stickers. Before you can do any of those, you would have to clear your record of any outstanding parking tickets.

Does not paying parking tickets affect my insurance or driving record?

Many drivers often wonder whether skipping out on their parking violation payment would garner a bad driving record or affect their car insurance and licensing. We have some good news.

Parking tickets do not impact your auto insurance policy no matter the number of parking tickets you receive. Since parking tickets are not considered a moving violation, they are treated differently compared to other traffic tickets.

These violations will not affect your driving record for the same reasons. Consequently, there will be no demerit points given as parking tickets do not affect your driving record.

How much will a parking ticket cost me?

Depending on the type of parking ticket you have received and the city you are in, parking violation fines vary. In Toronto, parking tickets can range anywhere from $30 to $450 and also similarly in Ottawa and Mississauga. In smaller cities like Kitchener, Waterloo or Hamilton, the average parking tickets are around $24 to 38, but can go upto $400 in some cases.

The plus side is that some cities offer incentives if you pay your ticket early such as reducing the total amount you actually have to pay.

Can I dispute my parking violation?

If you believe you have been unfairly ticketed, you can legally choose to request a review to dispute it within 15 days of receiving your parking violation within Ontario.

For other provinces, you can check your cities’ parking dispute regulations. If you happen to get your dates mixed up and miss this deadline, you can request an extension. On the off chance, you decide to pay your violation, the screening review you requested with an officer will be void as your case will be determined as resolved.

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