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What to Do If You Lose Your PRESTO Card

If you lose your PRESTO card, you can easily cancel the card by

  • Logging into your My PRESTO Account via the website or app
  • Contact PRESTO customer service at 1-877-378-6123
  • Visit any customer service outlet

Kindly bear in mind that it takes up to 24 hours for your PRESTO card to be canceled once reported. Also, PRESTO is not responsible for any changes to the card during the cancellation period.

Transferring Balance from a Lost Card

You can easily transfer your card details and balance including Autoload, fare types, and Auto-renew to a new PRESTO card via the PRESTO website. Simply log into your existing My PRESTO Account and follow the instruction to transfer your details. Note that, you do not have to register your replacement card or add a period pass, as this is an automated feature that comes with the card replacement process.

To buy and get your replacement card instantly;

  • Visit a customer service outlet, selected Shoppers Drug Mart retail outlets or a PRESTO self-service machine. Simply follow the instruction on the PRESTO website to transfer your information to a new card.
  • You can order online; simply log into your My PRESCO Account and select “Report Lost Card”. Note that card replacement may take about 10 business days to be delivered and requires to be activated online.

Once this is done your card replacement will be automatically added to your My PRESTO Account including your Autoload, and Auto-renew contracts.

Replacement Activation

It takes 24 hours for your new PRESTO card to reflect your balance because the replacement card must be activated in the PRESTO system. A card procured from a Customer Service Outlet becomes activated in the system a few hours after purchase; this depends solely on the travel agency. Cards procured from Gateway Newstand are sold pre-activated. If you commence your PRESTO card replacement process online, you can transfer your balance if you meet the following conditions:

  • If the replacement card is already activated in the PRESTO system
  • If the card is without a “My PRESTO Account”
  • If the card does not have a transit pass loaded

PRESTO Safety Tips

Always keep your card and details safe. Ensure you only procure PRESCO cards online from the official website at www.prestocard.ca, manually at an authorized customer service outlets listed at www.prestocard.ca, or from fare media vending machines that offer lot PRESTO cards. Always have this in mind:

  • Never procure a PRESTO card from any online auction websites
  • Never procure a used PRESTO card from a stranger
  • Register your card online to safeguard the money in your My PRESTO Account in case it gets stolen or lost

Once registered, it can be blocked from use to guard the balance; it also allows you to transfer it to the new replacement card. In a case where your PRESTO card is damaged, you will be required to buy a replacement card for $6.

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