How to Become an Influencer and Make Money



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Influencer Canada

Influencers are all the rage nowadays. Influencers use social media and their massive following to inspire, inform, and influence other people to try their lifestyle and buy the products they use. They capitalize on social media’s power to influence their followers and the people around them.

There is a huge trend of companies asking influencers to endorse and advertise their products and services because influencers have a considerable number of followers on social media and can generate lots of leads and create interest in a business. They can showcase a brand to hundreds of thousands and even millions of people worldwide.

More and more companies in Canada are starting to use influencers to advertise their products because they cost much less than TV celebrities and don’t have to go through agents. Agreements can be reached directly with the influencer.

Advertisers also see them as practical and more suitable substitutes for traditional advertising. With an influencer, advertisers save more than half the price they would usually spend to shoot a television advertisement with an ad agency.

They simply send their products or offer their services to the influencers for a small fee plus a sponsorship that lasts for months. The social media influencer then uploads their opinions about the product on their social media accounts, YouTube Channels, and boom! The instant following translates to instant sales, which means both sides are winning.

Being an influencer is indeed exciting, fun, and potentially profitable. Here is everything you should know about becoming an influencer in Canada.

Educational Requirements for Influencer

There are no educational requirements for influencers in Canada. They only need knowledge of the subject, no diplomas or bachelor’s degrees unless they specifically relate to the product or service they promote.

For example, suppose the influencer wants to talk about their profession as a doctor. In that case, for obvious reasons, they should be a registered doctor who has completed their medical degree before talking about diseases or injuries to the human body.

Influencer Licensing and Other Professional Requirements

Influencers are not regulated professionals in Canada since anyone with a social media account can be an influencer. They do not need any internships, residencies, or anything of that sort. Anyone can be an influencer in Canada as long as they have a stable social media following and do not have any transgressions with the law.

Skills, Knowledge, and Other Requirements

Even though no education requirements, licenses, certifications, or other professional qualifications are required, influencers must have some skills and knowledge. They can use these skills and knowledge to attract brands to sponsor them in exchange for giving their opinions to millions of followers.

Social media influencers must be personable to their followers. They must be approachable and relatable to influence them in any way they can, especially when promoting products and services to their followers. They should be respectful yet fun to talk to. They must always be pleasant and cheerful without being unprofessional or rude.

Social media influencers should also be responsive to their followers. It doesn’t mean they have to respond to every comment or interaction. Still, they must be engaging enough to establish rapport and a connection with their followers. This is important, especially if the followers ask for their thoughts on a particular product or service in line with their brand.

Social media influencers should also be tech-savvy. They’re not required to know every single app on earth, but they should know the right apps to use to make their posts look appealing and attractive to their followers.

When an influencer has an attractive feed or a stream of videos with high-quality content, advertisers can see that they take their time creating their craft with their content. Thus, this makes them more credible and attractive to their businesses.

They must have copywriting, social media content creation, and social media management skills. Alternatively, they can always hire someone to do those for them. Still, influencers who are just starting must be hands-on with their content to connect with their followers easily.

Influencer Salary and Wages

If people think that once they become an influencer, the money starts rolling in, well, they’re wrong. Most influencers do not earn anything at the beginning. However, once they start bringing in more followers and creating consistently engaging content, the sponsorships and collaboration deals pour in.

Successful influencers in Canada usually earn up to $40,229 a year. The national hourly salary average for influencers in Canada is $20.63 an hour. Entry-level influencers, or those beginning to earn more in the industry, are estimated to start at $30,056 annually. More successful influencers who are famous within their niches or communities make more, often earning up to $80,725 a year.

Of course, this excludes all the free products and services they get in exchange for reviewing a brand’s products or services for their followers. This excludes all the other bonuses, incentives, and other perks and benefits they can have while working as influencers.

More companies in Canada have started getting influencers on board to advertise their products because they pay much less than they would for supermodels or celebrities. Also, more influencers have started to gain massive fame for themselves. They have launched successful product lines, allowing them to earn millions of dollars from their collaborations with companies.

Canada is also a good place for influencers to thrive, thanks to its accepting policies regarding e-commerce. Thus, it is very understandable why more people want to be influencers nowadays. Here we’ll look at what you must know and do if you’re an influencer in Canada.

Establish Yourself And Choose Your Niche.

The first step to becoming an influencer in Canada is to decide the niche you want to work in. It’s best to pick a niche and provide a new perspective on that niche, issue, or vertical. You’ll need to stay on top of the latest news and evolve with your specialty while producing entertaining, relatable, and distinctive content.

Also, choosing a niche you’re interested in is essential. When you are interested in the niche you’re doing, you’ll find yourself more motivated to do tasks, and you’ll feel even more satisfied when you see the fruits of your hard work. Choose a niche you find enjoyable so that you won’t get tired and bored eventually. As they say, if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Decide Which Platform You’re Going To Use.

You can become an influencer on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or any other network.

Your preferences, geographic area (in your instance, Canada), and niche will determine the best influencer platform for you. YouTube may be ideal if you love recording videos and know how to edit them. Similarly, if you’re good at marketing and leadership, LinkedIn is a great place to start. Choose the platform you find convenient to use so you won’t struggle.

Establish Your Social Media Presence

Most influencers started with their own social media accounts, so it is safe to say that you should take a leaf out of their book and establish your social media presence. Make sure your social media page photo is a headshot. Use your full name on social media if you’re trying to develop a personal brand.

Follow your favorite brands’ Canadian brands on Instagram, for instance, Canon Canada, rather than Canon USA, if they’re international firms. If it’s a food or drink brand, include photos of you and your pals enjoying each drink, with the labeled bottle on the table when you share that photograph.

Start Building Your Reputation

Companies will depend on your reputation as an influencer for them to sell products and services to your followers. Consider consulting professionals if you are having trouble carving out a successful career. Learn social media marketing techniques, plus learn about the latest trends.

Engaging with people personally is the only way to gain an advantage over competing influencers in Canada. Posting valuable and unique content that may go viral is essential.

SEO is a crucial part of becoming an influencer. You must be able to use hashtags effectively to promote your content. These posts must be meaningful, of high quality, and original. Learn how to find high-quality photos to share with your followers.

Search For Companies That Might Need You.

Once you’ve amassed a sufficient number of followers, it’s time to contact companies looking for new followers and establish yourself as an influencer in Canada.

Many Canadian brands are looking for influencers. We recommend waiting until you have at least 2,000 followers before actually applying, as most websites demand a certain number of followers.

Look For an Agency to Represent You.

If you really want to break through the proverbial glass ceiling and make a name for yourself in the world of influencer marketing, consider joining a professional agency.

To be an influencer in Canada via an app like Instagram, you need only a minimum of 2000 followers. However, all your followers must be genuine, and your account must have an IG Audit score of at least 85.

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Kareena Maya is a freelance writer focused on the personal finance and travel spaces. He frequently writes about credit cards, banking, student loans, insurance, travel rewards and more. His work has been featured in publications such as Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Finance Buzz, The Ascent and Student Loan Planner.