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How to Pay a Parking Ticket in Toronto

Getting a parking ticket in Toronto is just a penalty for violating a parking rule and is not such a big deal if you follow the due process. However, if you are new in Toronto or you have just gotten your driver’s license, there are higher chances of you getting a parking ticket.

This article will be recommending a few ways to pay for a parking ticket in Toronto.

Traffic Rules in Toronto

Toronto is quite strict with its traffic rules, and many people living in the city get parking tickets, or parking violation notices every day. Most people get stuck when it’s time to pay for their parking ticket, especially the first-timers.

Paying for your parking ticket in Toronto is not much of a hassle. There are different ways of paying, plus you can also dispute the ticket.

When you are issued a parking violation ticket, you have 15 days to pay the amount indicated on the notice or request a screening review to dispute the ticket.

However, if you do not pay after then, you will be issued a Notice of Overdue Parking Penalty with an Address Search Fee – for not paying your parking violation on time or not requesting a screening review.

Consequently, there is an additional fee you will have to pay as a late fee. This additional fee costs CA$12.48 and will be applied to the initial amount required to pay. You’ll have another 15 days to make the payment after exceeding the initial payment date and getting a late fee.

Nonetheless, if on the 31st day you are yet to pay, a late fee that costs another CA$12.48 will also be added to your fee. That is, your prosecutor will add it to the pending payment without additional notification.

Note that if this continues till day 40, you will receive a notice of default with a request for payment by the due date. However, on day 60, a Plate Denial Enforcement fee of C$26.01 will be applied to your pending payment. At that time, you will only be able to pay at selected Service Ontario locations.

How to Pay Your Parking Ticket in Toronto

To avoid any of the extra fees and penalties discussed above, you should pay your parking ticket on time. You can pay using any of the methods below;

  • Pay Online

You can access this payment via the City of Toronto official website, and the service is free of charge.

  • Pay by Mail

You can only mail cheques and not cash. And ensure that the cheque is payable to the Treasurer, City of Toronto. You have to write the parking violation number on the cheque.

You can mail your cheque to the following address;

Parking Tags Operations,

Box 4282, Postal Station “A”

Toronto, ON, M5W 5W5

To avoid penalty fees for late payments, mail the cheque before the due date.

  • Pay in Person

Also, you can make your payments in person at any Toronto counter location by;

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Money order
  • Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Traveller’s cheque

The counter locations operate on Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Also, you are expected to bring your parking violation notice along with you.

Disputing Your Parking Violation Notice

You can dispute your parking violation notice if you feel it is undeserved. Disputing your ticket is easy: you can dispute your ticket online or in person by requesting a screening review.

However, you should request a screening review within the first 15 days of receiving your parking violation. You can also request an extension within 30 days if you have valid reasons.

Once you request a review, you cannot make any payments until a screening officer makes a decision. Otherwise, your prosecutor will cancel your request for a review.

Screening Review Decisions

As soon as you have completed a screening review, the decision document will show you the payable amount. The payable amount is the new payment you must make by the due date.

Note that failure to pay by the due date will automatically attract a Plate Denial Enforcement Fee penalty. Your prosecutor will apply this fee to the payable amount due.


Paying your parking ticket in Toronto is relatively easy as long as you follow the due process. You can either pay online, by mail, or in person. You also have the option of disputing the ticket. Note that refusing to do any of these at the right time attracts penalties.

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