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TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Review

TD Bank is a significant player in the Canadian finance sector, making our list of the best banks in Ontario, Canada. One of the reasons it made our list is its broad reach and vast service options, including various credit card options. TD’s credit cards have been ranked among the Best Credit Cards for Travel in Canada and the Best TD Student Credit Cards in Canada

We already posted a review on one TD card, the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite. Today we’ll review the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite credit card, telling you everything you need to know and helping you decide if this card is for you. The Visa Infinite card is among the best TD credit cards and the Best Credit Cards for Cash Back in Canada.

The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card is a cash back card; it returns a predetermined percentage of funds spent back to the cardholder.

Cash Back Rewards

You get 3% cash back for all eligible grocery purchases, gas purchases, and regular bill payments set up on your account. 3% cash back isn’t the highest in Canada, but when you consider all the categories it encompasses, then you’ll realize it’s an excellent deal. The recurring bills category includes everything from monthly phone bills, internet services, cable, and even streaming services like Netflix. To maximize earnings on the bill category, set up your bills as automatically recurring payments. Don’t get carried away and overcharge your account, though.

You’ll also get 1% cash back for every other purchase made. This means you earn money back every time you use the card, regardless of what you use it on. Calculate how much potential cash back you can make based on your spending with TD’s Cash Back calculator

Cash Back Redemption

Cash Back is just that, the cash you get back, and it can be spent on anything.

Unlike some other cards, which only let cardholders redeem cash back monthly, the Visa Infinite rewards can be redeemed quickly and at any time. You can apply your cash back rewards to your credit card statement upon earning a minimum of $25.

And you don’t have to be in a hurry to spend your cash back rewards as it never expires. As long as your account remains open and in good standing, your cash back will be accessible.

There is a $15,000 annual spending cap on each category (gas, grocery, and regularly recurring bill payments). After the cap has been reached, you will earn the standard rate of 1% that applies to all other purchases made with your card.

Annual Fee

The Visa Infinite has an annual fee of $120 for the primary cardholder, $50 for the first Additional Cardholder and $0 for subsequent Additional Cardholders. The first year is rebated for primary and additional cardholders as long as you activate your card and make your first purchase on the account within the first three months of account opening.

Road Assistance and Automotive Benefits

You get complimentary Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership which comes with 24/7 emergency road services to render aid if something goes wrong with your car when you’re on the road, such as a dead battery or a flat tire.

If you’re renting a car, the Visa Infinite card lets you get a discount of at least 10% in Canada and the U.S., and 5% minimum internationally on participating Avis and Budget locations. The card also grants you Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance for the vehicle. Charge the rental car’s total cost to get the collision/loss damage at no extra cost.

Travel Benefits

The Visa Infinite is not a travel card, but it still offers good travel benefits.

  • Travel Medical Insurance up to $2,000,000 of coverage for the first ten days. Reduced to 4 days if you’re 65 or older.
  • Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance up to $1,000 coverage per person if your baggage is delayed more than 6 hours or lost.
  • Get toll-free access to Emergency Travel Assistance Services in the event of an emergency during your travels. 

Exclusive Benefits 

Some of the perks and benefits you can only get with the Visa Infinite card:

  • Complimentary Visa Infinite Concierge: You get exclusive access to a complimentary concierge, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to help you get that extra bit of comfort whenever you travel, shop, and use your card.
  • Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection: Enjoy additional perks and benefits when you patronize and stay at any of over 900 world-class and intriguing properties in the Visa Infinite luxury hotel collection.
  • Visa Infinite Food and Wine Experiences: Get access to special events at Canada’s best restaurants.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • You must have a minimum annual income of $60,000 or a household income of $100,000
  • You have to be the age of majority in your province
  • This offer is not available to residents of Quebec

Note that meeting these requirements doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful application as approval is solely up to TD Bank.

Limited Time Offer

TD offers a welcome bonus for this card if you apply by May 30, 2021. The offer includes a 6% Cash Back earning rate on all purchases for the first three months up to a maximum total spend of $2,000. There’s also no annual fee for the first year for the primary and additional cardholders.

Note that to receive the first-year annual fee rebate, you need to activate your card and make your first purchase on the account within the first three months of account opening.

Interest Rates

The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 20.99% for purchases and 22.9% for cash advances.

Other Perks

  • The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite grants you access to a credit limit of $5,000 minimum.
  • You can ask for an emergency Cash Advance of up to $5,000 for your TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card (subject to your available credit limit).
  • Use Apple Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted


  • Annual fee: $120 (the first year rebated) 
  • 3% cash back on gas, groceries, and recurring bills 
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases 
  • Welcome Offer: Earn 6% cash back on eligible purchases for the first 3 months on up to $2,000 in spending. (offer ends May 30, 2021)
  • Travel insurance and road assistance benefits 
  • Income required: $60,000 for an individual or $100,000 for a household
  • Interest rate: 20.99% for purchases and 22.9% for cash advances
  • This offer is not available for residents of Quebec

Disclaimer: Rates and product offerings are constantly changing, so this article might not reflect the current market situation. Please contact your financial advisor before making any financial decisions.


Can I view my TD Credit Card statements and other documents online? 

Yes. You can view your TD Credit Card Statements, legal notices, and other important information on EasyWeb or the TD app. 

If you are not registered for online statements on your credit card, learn how.

Can I switch to a different TD Credit Card? 

Yes. You can do this by first deciding what card you’d like to switch to. Use TD’s Credit Card Selector tool or browse their selection of available cards here.

When you’ve decided what card you want, call 1-800-983-8472 to speak to a TD customer care rep. Make sure you have your current TD credit card with you when you call. You can also visit any TD Bank branch to make the switch.

What types of Credit Cards does TD offer? 

We’ve compiled a list of the Top rated TD Bank Credit Cards in Canada.

What is the credit limit on my TD Credit Card? 

Your credit limit on your TD Credit Card can be easily accessed and checked on EasyWeb, the TD app, or your monthly Credit Card statement.

How can I increase the credit limit on my TD Credit Card?

If you feel your credit limit is too low, you can also request a credit limit increase on your credit card via EasyWeb, the TD app, or by visiting any TD Bank branch. Read How to Get High Limit Credit Cards in Canada for more tips.

How do I know when my TD credit card payment is due?

Your credit card payment due date is shown on your monthly Credit Card Statement. It’s always a minimum of 21 days from your statement date. It could be extended depending on your payment activity.

You can also view your payment due date online via EasyWeb, the TD app, or on your monthly Credit Card Statement.

What do I do if I forget my PIN for my TD Credit Card? 

You can reset your PIN by visiting a TD Bank branch. Conversely, you can request a PIN to be mailed to you by contacting TD credit cards. It takes about ten business days to receive a new PIN via mail.

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